Professional Gas Line Installation in Houston

Your dreams of curling up by a warm fireplace or cooking on your new six-burner gas stove are on the verge of becoming a reality – as soon as you install your new gas line, that is.

Hopefully, you know this is not your average “do-it-yourself” type of home project. Gas line installation is one of the more labor-intensive and skill-intensive home improvement projects you can undertake. In truth, this type of project is too dangerous to attempt by yourself. Plus, a DIY gas project will certainly not pass a final safety inspection.

If you want a gas line installation at your Houston home, you need a local and established plumbing company – one that can install your new gas lines and appliances while following through on all necessary applications and permits to ensure you pass your gas line inspection. While cost is always a factor in any home improvement decision, it is equally important that the best job possible is done to ensure you won’t experience gas leaks. Safety is paramount when undertaking a job like this.

Who Installs a Gas Line?

Licensed, natural gas line plumbers are the ones you should call for your next gas line project. They install and repair natural gas lines for a variety of home projects such as gas water heaters, HVAC systems, stoves, and pool heaters. And of course, they can repair your existing gas line or replace your gas line.

When most people hear the word plumber, they think about leaky faucets and broken toilets. They only consider calling a plumber when they have a water issue. Yet, there is so much more that plumbers can do and so many areas of specialty.

Licensed gas plumbers, like those at Nick’s Plumbing & AC, have a license that indicates they’re able to install and work on natural gas line plumbing. Ours have years of hands-on experience and take ongoing training to keep up-to-date with the newest trends and technologies in natural gas installation. Plus, they’re experienced in specific gas line projects such as gas line installation for home generators.

Can I Install My Own Gas Line? 

No, you cannot. It is illegal in Texas to install, remove, extend, or modify a gas line in any way. Only a licensed plumber can touch gas line plumbing due to the complicated measures it takes to work properly and safely. When it comes to a gas line installation, you should call the professionals.

There is only one exception to that law, and that is if your home is homesteaded. If that’s you, you can add, remove, extend, or modify a gas line to your property. But before you start any work, you must obtain a permit from the local governing authority. Once all work is complete, you must have it inspected by a licensed plumber, such as our plumbers at Nick’s Plumbing & AC.

What Appliances Can My Natural Gas Line Power?

It’s all fine and dandy to say natural gas is one of the most versatile and economical fuel sources used in the home. But if you don’t know what it can power, then there’s no point in changing your home’s source of power.

The following is a brief list of the growing variety of appliances that can enhance your home’s amenities with a gas line installation. And the good news is, you can extend your gas line power throughout your home and into your home’s exterior appliances.

Gas Water Heater

Traditional gas water heaters use a gas burner to heat cold water in a tank. The tankless versions quickly heat cold water on demand as it flows through the heating unit. Gas water heaters have lower running costs than electric water heaters. They’re also able to reheat water faster so you can get the hot water you need, exactly when you need it.

Gas Stove & Oven

Gas stoves and ovens are popular because of their superior cooking and speed-of-light heating capabilities. Unlike their electric stove counterparts, which take a tremendous amount of time to heat up, gas stoves offer instant heat and a visible flame. Your cooking temperature is also easier to adjust because you can see the flame and adjust it to your needs.


Gas log fire heaters give you the warmth and ambiance of a roaring fire with increased energy efficiency and better environmental safety. They burn cleaner, hotter, and safer than wood fires. This allows you to enjoy the beauty, warmth, and light without the mess, maintenance, and smell that accompany a traditional fire.

Outdoor Grill

Should you decide to extend your gas line outdoors, grills and barbecues offer an enjoyable and relaxing alternative to cooking indoors, especially here in Texas. Think of a hot and humid Houston summer where you don’t have to turn on the kitchen stove. Plus, natural gas grills heat rapidly and are safe to use.

Forget having to haul those bulky propane canisters around. With a natural gas line extended outside, you can use a quick-connect outlet to easily supply gas to your grill. This way, you can spend more time entertaining and less time filling gas tanks or waiting for your barbecue to heat it.

Pool Heater

Imagine enjoying your pool year-round with a gas-powered pool heater. Natural gas pool heaters activate only when needed, which helps you save money and energy. They are efficient and safe, but they are also self-diagnostic, which means you can save time on money and maintenance.

Gas Dryers

Picture pulling your warm clothes or blankets out of a dryer that takes half the amount of time, and half the amount of energy. In times of emergency laundry, you’ll be happy to have a gas dryer that dries clothes faster.

Gas dryers will cost more than their electric counterparts, but consider it an upfront investment that will help you save money in the long run. Plus, they’re more environmentally friendly and just as safe.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Gas Line?

Installing, repairing, and replacing a new gas line can range widely in price from $65-$95 per foot, depending on the scope of work. It’s important to note whether you’re switching from electric to gas or adding new appliances to your current setup. It truly is an inexpensive investment that buys you an incredibly efficient way to heat your home, your pool or cook your food.

Simple Cost Breakdown to Install a Gas Line

There are two aspects to installing and repairing gas lines:

  • labor
  • materials

Installing and repairing gas pipes is a dangerous job and requires an extensive skill set. A master plumber charges anywhere between $80-$250/hour with an average of $100-$200 per hour. They are the most qualified to install or repair gas lines.

The price of the materials for installing and repairing gas lines has a much broader spectrum. It depends on pipe type, size, location in your home, and the number of turns. A greater number of turns means more fittings are required, which means more cutting, threading, measuring, and installing time for your plumber.

What to Consider Before Gas Line Installation

There are some important things to consider before you get your gas line services started – especially since working with gas can be dangerous. Below we’ve listed the top four things to consider before you begin.

Find The Right Professionals 

With a project like a gas line installation, you need to be sure you’re working with the best. Otherwise, you could risk the safety of your home and family due to the dangerous nature of this renovation.

Hiring a licensed and skilled professional like Nick’s Plumbing & AC will ensure that your gas line services are done right the first time. Plus, our plumbers have the tools and knowledge necessary to get the job done and inspect your gas line throughout the process.

Check Your Pipes 

Gas pipes can deteriorate over time. This can lead to rust, corrosion, or leaks that could affect your safety and comfort. The first step a professional should take before starting to work on your gas line is checking your pipes. Checking your gas pipes should also be part of your home’s yearly maintenance. This is especially important if you’re living in an older home, built in the 1970s or before. You don’t want your house to be at risk of a significant gas leak.

Gas leaks are no joke, and if you think your home may have a gas leak, contact a gas leak detection specialist right away.

Upgrade Your Appliances 

If you’ve taken the time to get your gas lines checked and installed, you should also take the opportunity to add new appliances to your home. If you only have a gas powered stove and oven, why not consider investing in a new gas-powered furnace too? Even a gas-powered dryer is an option.

Talk to your plumber about what kind of other appliances would be well suited to natural gas in your home. Take full advantage of the expertise that you have working for you and update your appliances.

Ready for Your New Gas Line Installation in Houston?

If your wish list contains a gas-powered grill, stove-top and oven, clothes dryer, or an 80-gallon water heater, then it’s time to pick up the phone and call Nick’s Plumbing & AC.

Our professional and experienced master plumbers will help you make your dreams of a gas-powered home a reality. We’ll be able to answer all of your gas line installation questions with our refined skills and knowledge. You’ll rest assured knowing that your installation was completed by Houston’s best.

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