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Professional Gas Line Inspection in Houston

Almost every home has a natural gas connection, and we rely on natural gas for many everyday needs like cooking, bathing, and laundry. With so many more of our appliances using natural gas, the potential for a gas leak is always increasing and can go undetected, unless you know the signs to look for.

Usually, the first indication of a gas leak is the “rotten egg” smell we are all familiar with – but what about leaks outside or underneath your home? These are harder to detect without a gas line inspection, and you may not notice any physical symptoms (like nausea and dizziness), but they still need to be addressed as quickly as possible with a gas line inspection in Houston.

The best preventative measure you can take for your gas line plumbing is to have annual gas line inspections performed. It will protect you, your family, and your home.

Why Do a Gas Line Inspection?

When you get regular, annual gas line inspections done on your home, you’re ensuring not only the safety of yourself and your family, but also preventing damage to your gas lines later on.

Prevention is the best medicine, as they say. When it comes to gas testing and safety, this couldn’t be more true. Gas lines can become damaged and erode over time, so keeping on top of gas line inspection is very important.

When Do I Need a Gas Line Inspection?

The general rule of thumb is that you should have a gas line inspection performed annually, particularly for your gas appliances. This means getting a licensed plumbing company to perform an inspection on your gas piping once per year as a preventative measure.

However, if you notice any of the following, it’s important to call a licensed plumber straight away.

You Suspect a Leak

If you suddenly notice the presence of a rotten egg odor in your home, or there have been unexplained, increased energy costs on your bills, you should get a gas line inspection done as soon as possible. This could be a sign of a leak in your gas line, which can be very dangerous.

Keep an eye out for physical symptoms as well. If you suddenly begin feeling nauseous, dizzy, or light-headed out of nowhere, and have difficulty breathing or lethargy, there could be a gas leak. Get outside immediately and call for an emergency gas line inspection.

If you believe that you have a gas leak, you’ll need to call a licensed plumber to conduct a gas leak detection

Your Service Has Been Interrupted

If your natural gas service has been interrupted by the gas company for more than six months, an inspection by a licensed plumbing company will have to be performed before service is restored.

Your Grass Has Dead Patches

Yellow or brown grass along the path of a natural gas line is an indication that you have an underground gas leak and need to have your gas line repaired.

The grass is dying due to a lack of oxygen in the plant’s roots, which is displaced by the natural gas. Even slow-growing trees with smaller-than-typical leaves could be a sign of an underground gas leak.

You Notice Yellow or Orange Flames

You’re most likely to discover this while using a gas range or cooktop, where gas-fueled flames are easier to see than a water heater pilot light. When using a gas range, the exposed flame should burn blue, with only a tint of yellow or orange.

Gas flames that burn with a mostly orange or yellow hue is a sign that oxygen is being introduced to the gas supply. If oxygen is getting into your gas lines, that also means gas is leaking somewhere in your system, and it’s time for a gas line inspection.

Who Can Do a Gas Line Inspection?

Only a licensed plumber who specializes in gas service line inspections should be performing your gas line inspection. Working with gas can be very dangerous, which is why it’s important to leave gas line leak tests and repairs to the professionals.

Not to mention, working with appliances requires knowledge of a lot of moving parts. Natural gas appliances should be inspected and repaired only by licensed plumbing companies. At Nick’s Plumbing, we have the experience and expertise to conduct residential gas line inspections, gas line replacements, and more.

What Does a Gas Line Inspection Include?

When Nick’s Plumbing performs your annual gas line inspection, we first check all of your exposed gas lines for signs of leaks, such as corrosion or kinks. Each gas appliance in your home, along with their fittings and connections, get inspected and tested for proper operation as well.

After that, the gas service is temporarily shut off and a gas safety inspection is conducted to test gas lines for leaks while under pressure. For a home gas inspection, normal pressure is anywhere from 2-5 psi (pounds per square inch). Gas line and all connections are pressure tested at 10-15 psi.

Once the lines are pressurized, they are monitored to ensure the pressure remains constant for at least 10 minutes. When all lines and appliances have passed these tests, your gas testing is complete.

Gas Line Inspection Cost

If you’re doing an annual gas line inspection (and you should be!), the good news is that it will only cost you around $400-$700. This includes the gas line pressure test.

However, if you need a technician to come out due to a leak and perform a test and gas leak repair, you’re going to be looking at a visit costing anywhere between $400 and $1100. It really depends on the severity of the gas line leak and whether or not you need a gas line replacement.

Schedule Your Annual Gas Line Inspection in Houston with Nick’s Plumbing

A residential gas line inspection is a fast and easy way to ensure your home is safe. Call Nick’s Plumbing for any gas line plumbing needs or concerns you may have. We have experts available in-office to advise you by phone, and technicians available to provide cost evaluations and second opinions on your gas line inspection in Houston.

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