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Whole House Repipe in Houston

Article Date: 2/21/2019 | Posted By Nick

Whole House Repipe in Houston

It sounds like a plumbing commercial cliché, but the most overlooked aspect of our home’s inner workings is usually the plumbing system.

If you happen to live in one of the older homes in the Houston area, let’s say if your house was built before 1970, you probably have galvanized pipe in and under your home. Galvanized pipes are steel pipes that are dipped into a protective zinc coating that resists rust and corrosion. The problem with galvanized pipe is that after a certain amount of usage, that zinc coating is eventually washed away, leaving exposed steel, which will start to rust.


Discolored Water – If your water looks brown or otherwise discolored, or has a metallic taste to it, chances are your old galvanized pipes are leeching rust into your drinking water.

Uneven Water Pressure – Certain sections of your galvanized pipes may begin to corrode before others, causing uneven amounts of rust deposits throughout your system. This creates a situation where water pressure may be great on one side or floor of your home, where the other taps seem to barely function.

The major problem with galvanized pipes is that they WILL eventually fail, as corrosion breaks down the compounds within the steel. This breakdown can create cracks and holes in the affected pipe causing leaks and associated water damage. Water damage caused by leaking pipes is the #1 insurance claim for property damage every year. Many of those claims can undoubtedly be attributed to water damage caused by leaking or broken lead or galvanized pipes.

When considering a whole house re-pipe, there are two types of pipe we can replace your galvanized plumbing with, copper or PEX.

Advantages of a Whole House Re-Pipe with Copper or PEX

• Both types of replacement pipes offer longer life expectancy than that of galvanized pipes. On average, copper piping offers up to between fifty and seventy-five years of service. PEX is rated to last more than fifty years.

• Copper and PEX are both safe for drinking water. Copper is a naturally anti-microbial metal, and as such, is efficient in killing the most toxic species of bacteria and viruses. The inside of PEX pipes are made of a plastic called polyethylene, which has no associated health risks. • Copper is a non-toxic metal, proven to be safe to carry drinking water. Your older galvanized and lead pipes are prone to breaking down, and those metals and even lead particles can leech into your water causing a variety of illnesses.

• PEX pipes are flexible by nature of their composition. This makes PEX plastic pipes for easier (and less expensive) to install than a hard metal pipe such as copper or galvanized.

If you’re considering a whole house re-pipe in Houston, it will serve you well to do some research on both PEX and copper re-pipes and consider the various benefits and caveats of each. A whole house re-pipe is a task you only want to undertake once, and a little knowledge will go a long way in making sure that your re-pipe project has the results you’re hoping for.

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