FLO Water Leak Detection System

Nick's Plumbing & Air Conditioning Live Video Transcription:

Welcome back for your weekly edition of the potty mouth guys, John Eccles, Richard Saad here, coming from him from the heights headquarters world headquarters, world world. We’re located here in the heights of Nick’s plumbing & Air Conditioning. So how are y’all doing this afternoon? Hopefully it’s a great day. It’s Thursday. It’s August, Wednesday, August ninth, nine. They passed in 2018 today. He’s going to be a little bit different show. We have, um, we want to roll out something. We want to share something with you, something that is new and exciting for us and we want to share it with y’all. It’s a new product that we started to carry and we think it’s fairly new in Houston. I don’t think anybody other than us is carrying this product is that we’re the only ones. And so we want to educate you all a little bit and we educate everybody else in the nice story.

Yeah. Then everybody’s going to care, right? Um, so the product, first of all, let’s be clear, they’re not given us a cent to tell you about this. We’re doing it because we absolutely love the product. We think that it’s cutting edge, it’s new, we think it’s something that the public will really catch onto, you know, with the type of world that we’re rolling into a smart phones technology and now that’s starting to trickle over into the plumbing world. So this is something that’s. I’m really excited about it. It’s really neat. Technology is, is bar none on this and this is why we are absolutely a set up with these guys. We actually are a distributor for them, so we’re not sponsored by them. We’re not getting paid by them. We’re actually paying them. And that means we really liked the product to pay them. Right?

Uh, I’ve done a ton of research on this and John has two and the roll up, the company name is Flo. So FLO is a, we got it right here. Hang on. FLO is going to be a shutoff valve that we’re going to add to your home. And you go, oh, but I have a shut off valve. Not like this one. I guarantee it. Go ahead Richard, take that out. So this shutoff valve does a lot of things that we’re going to go into it. First of all, let’s talk. Well, let’s talk about the product first. It’s an automatic shut off valve that also connect box that it comes in. Can you see it a little bit shut off valve connects to your Wifi and your home and it’s going to give you capabilities of controlling, monitoring and um, I guess you’d say moving and pulling the levers with your water system. It’s going to tell you if you have a leak, it’s going to tell you your flow temperature coming into a home flow pressure flow rates. It’s even got algorithms and ai, artificial intelligence built in, that’ll tell you the usage per fixture in your own. That is absolutely amazing to me. So. So guys, let me, let me define that a little bit more than what John said.

Um, when you’re in your shower, this learns that it’s a shower, it learns that the tub, it learns it, the kitchen sink, it’s got artificial intelligence and it’s all ran on your phone through an APP. It is absolutely incredible. And if you guys, you know, as the world is evolving and changing, this is where everything’s going, your car, I mean everything. Eventually we’re going to see it in my lifetime unless I’m going tomorrow. But you’re probably going to be able to take this phone and diagnose your own car. I don’t know what’s going on with that today. You know, or. Oh, let me turn my seat warmer on. I mean all that technology is here and coming. This is here today. They’ve already done it, pushed it out, and it is working in credible. We’ve, we’ve got it in homes and it doesn’t take very much time for this artificial intelligence to learn what a toilet is. A, what a laboratory is, what the kitchen sink is, what the TUB is, your irrigation system. If it happens to be done to where this can grab it. A lot of irrigation systems, um, we’re going to come off the meter, which this cannot. You need to put it at the house. So really cool stuff. Yeah. And what it is, is. So it’s so sensitive. It’s so minute that it can be a sentence, a leak that is just one drop per minute is what the website reads, one drop per minute. If you have that big of a leak, which isn’t very big at all, that can be a faucet. It will show you, it’ll send you an alert, and if the lead is bad enough, it’ll automatically shut off your water system. That’s right. You’re on vacation. You get a leak, automatically shuts off your system to prevent a huge catastrophe. What other industry do you think will love this product? Oh, this applies to so many industries. Insurance. Yeah. Insurance companies love it. They’re already. Their advertisement on the website is that uh, many carriers love it. You could possibly get 10 percent off your premiums. Obviously we can’t guarantee that you would have to check your carrier coverage and all that, but they’re saying that there is a capability of getting a discount on your homeowners insurance. I haven’t. One of these installs, I know a lot of insurance companies that have already signed up with these guys. So if you do install this in the house, they’re saving an average of 10 percent off of their premium. That’s huge. Now, what’s the number one created damage for homes and Texas fire you think? No, it’s not fire theft.

You would think that it is not. It’s not. What’s number one? Water damage. Number one is water damage. You guys, how many people actually know that? Uh, insurance companies do not like plumbing companies. I wonder why, because the creation of water is the number one thing that damages homes in the state of Texas. And what is the average cost for cleanup and restoration on that $2,000. $15,000. Now that’s average. Now some people. And uh, we actually had one of our technicians, he had a toilet upstairs when everybody was going break and it ran almost the entire day and it destroyed the entire downstairs. That was $85,000. Now those happen. So if you take the 85 grand and you take your two grand, I don’t know if people are really making claims for two grand, but you take that the average is 15,000 average loss of 15.

That’s huge. That’s huge. And it happens every single day. All Day. We just had one the other day. Um, she’s got 2,500 square foot downstairs. It’s a three story town home over here by us. And uh, it was built eight years ago. I believe they had copper coming through the slab. They didn’t sleep it properly. The concrete eight, that copper and it took eight years, put a pinhole leak in it. It destroyed her entire, uh, she had hardwoods throughout the entire first floor destroyed. Gone. It was running up underneath. It was onscreen. That’s over 15 grand by itself. Oh, I think it was close to 100 grand on that claim alone. Wow. It’s a real problem. You know what fixes it this low? Absolutely. Show them that. Yeah,

I want to. So you can’t get into the app unless you have the actual thing. But I did bring up the website because I want to gel to see some of the screenshots and tell me what if I got a good screen. This is kind of what the screenshots look like of your phone so you can see the usage, the flow rates, how many gallons are using, um, current flow rate, monthly usage case that. Okay. Okay. So there’s one, right? And that’s just your normal dashboard. Here’s your control panel from your phone. You can shut off the water to your home if you want it to, if you got an alert, right? And it said, oh, something’s going on. And if for whatever reason it didn’t automatically shut off, you can shut it off again. Incoming temperature flow, right? Water pressure, which is a big deal with people.

Let’s see, where’s the alert? And let me reiterate something good. Let me tell you how powerful that as you guys. I’m a lot of these Dr. doctors offices that run a lot of water. So what kind of doctor would run a lot of water that’s going to be a dentist, right? A orthodontist, um, what other kinds of doctors are going to use a lot of water, that’s all I can think of right now. But if you have a dentist or an orthodontist, they have automatic shut off valves. They put them on a light switch. They turn their office off every single day. I’m not saying all of them, I’m going to say most of them and they turn their office off every single day due to the fact that if something breaks it is going to be nasty and really bad for them. So when they come in, they turned the light switch and it looks like a light switch.

You just turn it back on. This wouldn’t have to worry about it. Leave the water on. Um, so this works commercially to you guys and let’s say that you are out of town on a trip. And this is where what Jon was just discussing that the APP can do if you just want to turn your water off, which we put in a lot of shutoffs and homes on light switches because they do want to turn the water off. They go out of town for a month or they go out of town for two months. We do have a lot of clientele that do that, so they want to just shut their water down when they leave with a light switch and we have countless homes like that. You don’t have to do that anymore. You’ve got an app where you can leave the water on and you go away and you’re like, you know what? I do want my water off, get on the APP and turn it off.

So here’s the alert page, human. So if you do have a leak is sends you something relative to this right? And all that simply says, up top in the verbage is saying that, hey, you’re currently using eight gallons a minute and that’s exceeds your normal usage. So we’ve shut off the water thinking there’s a leak. If that’s not the case, you can shut your water on your fill in a pool, your watering a lawn. You’re doing something you normally don’t do, you can clear it.

But again, this is artificial intelligence. That’s right. So by him reading that, it’s already learned your home and it understands that hey, this is not normal. You know, this toilet is using more water than what it typically is. Right? Yeah. And I, I’m going to show that Fisher page, which is really cool. But here’s the issue. We didn’t tell it. We didn’t tell our artificial intelligence intelligence. We were having a party.

That’s right. And so it might do that. And you’re using more than normal. Yeah. And it thinks something’s going. If you are having a party at the house. Yeah. You can add people or high using the toilet then. Yeah, you’d probably get an alert. Yeah, because it’s not normal.

Jackson wants to know what APP that was. You were showing her. I guess she missed where you said she had to have the device. So the device has a specific app. about Flo Technologies, you have to have the device in order to log into the APP on the APP. Goes with it. I was trying to do it through the APP prior, but because I don’t have one of my home yet yet, I haven’t logged into the device, so I’m just showing some screenshots from their website. Right, and the next one, this is really interesting too, so every night this little compute and bugger right here runs a health test on your system, so it runs a help test. Let me know what’s going on in. The reason why it does that is for the next slide. It wants to know what’s doing what and this is what we were talking about about your fixtures, so it gives you a rundown of your fixtures more.

It gives a rundown of your fixtures, how much gallons you’re using per, and this is a great way to understand, hey, can we conserve some water where, where can we make some adjustments in our lifestyle to better fit the environment, your bill, whatever it is that you’re looking to do. Love that. Awesome. That screen is pretty neat. It’s just amazing what this world is coming to you like. You’re talking about artificial intelligence and this is just going to be the beginning. I guarantee you there’s probably going to be hundreds of these products that flow out and there’s probably a couple more already we know have already seen it in our tankless water heaters, them coming out with a wifi controllers so that you can do the same thing with your hot water and your water heating bill. You can adjust, move and all those things, but this FLO device, we’re really excited about it.

It’s again, cutting edge. It’s new. It fits in the fact that the world’s going in, right? Which is that, hey, I want it on my phone. I want to. I want it in my face. I want it quick and easy. I know you ain’t got to get up and outside. Oh, we got a leak. Who’s going outside? Who knows where the water shut off valve is? Who cares it had on your phone. That’s why insurance companies love this product. This is going to keep them away from a $15,000 bill. That’s why they’re giving these carriers. They’re not, of course all onboard, so you got to check with your carrier, like John said earlier, but they’re getting on board every single day. So if your carrier is not on it, it probably will be a pan. I’m sorry, go ahead. No, go ahead. A cool stat that, that they have about this product on the website is once installed, 60 percent of their customers find out they had a leak. They had no idea the head and they’re wasting water. Yup.

Absolutely. Yeah. But it’s also going to depend on, this question’s from Ursula on, does it work, you know, any, any commercial? The answer is no. Apartment complex isn’t going to work. I’m a high rise, isn’t gonna work? I’m now in a high rise. Maybe it could due to the fact that if they’ve got it set a segregated per unit, then each unit could have one. Yes. As long as you can segregate that. Um, some of these strip centers, um, can or can’t have it because he strip centers might be on one water meter and there might be three or four tenants that one water meter.

So it’s gonna depend on a commercially on, on how it looks, what it is and usage. This only goes up to one inch pipe, so most homes, even if they have inch and a quarter, this is still gonna work. Uh, your larger homes, river oaks memorial area that have inch and a half to two inch pipe, um, this is going to be iffy a, there’s a little, a little bit more research that needs to be done to make sure this isn’t going to choke it down too much. But your average home is a three quarter inch waterline, one inch Max. So this is great. And again, commercially, as long as they’re not feeding a bunch of units at one time, yeah, you can use this. It’ll fix a lot of problems in your commercial unit.


It’s okay. The water companies aren’t going to give you a problem about having this installed or anything like that? No, it shouldn’t because it’s going to happen. It’s going to be on your individual line that won’t be on their side of the lawn. So there shouldn’t be any issues whatsoever. Yeah, yeah. You can do anything pretty much you want on your private side, you could actually put it in another water meter if you want it to on your private side and monitor yourself or the city doesn’t monitor it because you own that side. The city owns only up to the meter. That’s it. People that have like districts and stuff like to monitor their own water usage because I know that sometimes it’s not always correct and there’s a lot of discrepancies and they’ll put in their own FLO meter. We just went through that.

My neighborhood, we switched water companies and there was a huge issue with bills and usage and meters and stuff like that. It’s huge. This would have been a great tool to have for a lot of those routes. This tells you how much that you’ve used for the month. Yeah, absolutely. So that’s, that’s a new product that we’re rolling out. We’re again, super excited about it to get some more information. Um, got a question. Cynthia Cook again would like to know. She said she missed up to this part, came in late. Have you mentioned the cost of the device? And the installation installation is going to vary, um, each house is going to be different. It’s going to depend on how we get your riser, what size the riser is. Um, it’s going to depend on the material. Okay. So it’s really hard to say. Now we are putting this on our website today, John and I, after our conversation today, we’re going to have average pricing on our website.

It will be located there by the end of today, but we’re still kind of working on it. Remember, this is a brand new product has not been out on the market. Um, we just became a distributor because we just loved the product so much. So give us till the end of the day and go to our website. You’re going to find it and it’s going to be on there. I mean, I just committed us and we’ve got to get it done. Cynthia, get it done. Now the device is on their website is for 499. That’s what we’re buying it for as well. We’re not getting a discount. Um, it’s going to be that plus tax, um, and plus shipping. Same thing there towards him so you can buy it through us. We are going to stock it, right, but it’s going to be the exact same price as what they’re selling it for. They’re, they’re not willing to play ball right now, but it’s very rare. We never, we never have a product or we have not yet on our facebook events. Discussed a product. This is the first time. Um, and the reason we stay away from that wasn’t lost my train of thought is they’re just, well, I don’t know what it was going to say. Sorry, Cynthia.

But regardless if you want, if you don’t want to wait because we have some on hand, if you want to purchase it direct through us, they’ll be the same way. Same price as a website. If you want to do some more research on their website in order to share from them, that’s fine as well. The website’s meetflo.com FLO Um, so it’s either way. And then according to the installation, I, Richard said our website, I’ll have it up in there. There’s some variables that go in. 

Everybody needs. When you guys, everybody, not one person. Everybody needs this. This is gonna. Save you a lot of headache. Now. Set for our first product kickoff. I went into med. What are you happy with it, Cynthia. Thank you for your couple of questions. That was great. Absolutely. Well, I think that wraps up today’s show. Um, call us. We’re here for you. You have any more questions? John and I are in the office. Seven. One, three, eight, six, eight, nine, nine. Oh, seven real quick. I got a request to bring back the joke of the day. You did? Yeah. So, so I got the joke and I think it’s a pretty good one, right? Who is the king of the pencil box? Like the pencil box at school. The ruler. I love it.

Great afternoon. We’ll see you next week. Same time. Same next place. That’s right. Thank you guys.

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