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Nick's Plumbing & Air Conditioning Live Video Transcription:

Hey guys, today’s topic is all about pex pipe installation in Houston. If you’re thinking about repiping your house, stay tuned. That’s what we’re discussing today. Bunch of options, what you need to know and why should you care.

John Eccles. Good afternoon, Richard. Saad potty mouth guys back for another week. It’s gone. It’s good to have you back man. I missed you last week. Thank you. I had a good time. That’s good. That was fun and I, I heard I was going to the later part of the week as you guys know, but we had actually quite a few callers call into the office that needed questions answered. That made me excited. I like that. And we will continue to tell you this topic today. We could talk about for hours. We’re doing it in a very condensed segment. So there are going to be a whole bunch of things we’re going to leave out today because we have to because of time constraint. Okay? So if you want to further discuss this, I will tell you every week John is always available. I’m always available and I will tell you and give you the information and the data so you can make a good buying decision whether you use us or you don’t use us, call us. Doesn’t matter. We’re here to help you guys.

Absolutely. John stayed on the phone an hour the other day with somebody out of San Antonio who had a whole bunch of different questions and we’re glad to help. Of course, that made me answer the phones a lot more, but nothing wrong with that. Happy to do it. So let’s get right into the meat. Let’s start off by talking about pex. Actually. The piping itself, we’ve got different options, don’t we? We do, we do. There’s a probably what, three mainstay really streamlined products. I mean there’s probably hundreds of knockoffs. Main brain brand names mainstream. There’s probably what, three, four, three or four brands that have been out for awhile. It’s basically been in Houston since roughly. Oh, to a. So it’s relatively new to our market and there are a bunch of different manufacturers and as John said, and I’m going to show you a couple of pieces of pipe here.

So they make different colors, different sizes. This is three quarters, these are half inch, and then you’ve got a blue one, you got a red one. So you might ask, okay, this is logical red, you got blue, blue is cold, red is hot, but these pipes are actually interchangeable. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use red on cold a logically it says you don’t want to because it mentally kind of messes you up. Right? But that’s just a dye. That’s all it is. They’re not made any different. Now in saying that, what I’m showing you guys today is, this is pecs, pecs b is a really from pipe. There’s three different types of Pex, pex a, there’s Pex, b, and pex c, so the formulas in there are similar but different. The Api is more bendable, let’s call it. The BNC is much more rigid, like a copper pipe, much more stiff. Can’t really bend it as I’m showing you guys now pex say is meant for direct burial. Pex a is also where you can use expansion tools and expand the ends to put the fitting inside pex be, can’t do that. Pex Be are meant for external fittings. And I’m brought some fittings today so I’m going to show you some differences on that. We’ll see the. So the only difference is the color only difference is the color. Now this fitting, this fitting and this fitting, and these are all the same ones made out of plastic ones made out of brass. All three of these go on pecs. A is the expandable pipe, right? So if you look, this is Pex, be remember basically the ods are the same and on pex a it would expand and go over the fitting like this. This is Pex b, it goes on top of the fitting and then you have a crimp ring or a even a push fitting. So I’ll show you that this is a push fitting. So as you can tell he pushed this pipe in and engage it. And actually if I do that, this pipe will go into this fitting forever. I won’t be able to take it out, so I’m not going to engage at all the way, but as you can see that’s the way pex be works. Now, the differences between the expansion ones, where the pipe, where the pipe is inside of the fitting compared to the pipe outside of the fitting. It comes down, beat you on what you want. It’s not what I want. Meaning you need to do a little bit of homework, a little bit of research and understand these different forms of pipe and the one that is going to work best for you.

Now I can show up to your house, John can show up to house. We can be separate and we’re going to have two different opinions. Okay? My opinion might be the correct one or John’s opinion might be the correct one, but the issue becomes is when you start going to get estimates, you’re going to get all these different opinions with a little bit of knowledge. It is up to you to go read and understand what is going to work best for you and along with that who is correct as John Correct. When he shows up from wherever and and I’m correct and I show up from wherever, right? Then you’re having to decipher kind of who’s accurate because he’s going to tell you one thing. I’m going to tell you another one and I can tell you that with certainty, I cannot tell you how many times were pivotable have gotten bids and I show up number three and then the first two told the people completely wrong and I can’t even begin to make that right.

And I usually won’t even tell the individual because all of a sudden they’re going to get a third evaluation and it’s going to be completely different from the first two. So I won’t even usually offer that and I won’t even tell them because then they even get even that much more fused. Does that make sense? Yeah. Thinking that in that thing, you know, to make it simplified, it’s kind of like cars, right? You got a lot of guys out there or people that are either sheddy people or for people, both vehicles do the job and get you somewhere. Some people like it one way. Some people like it the other way. And like Richard saying, you get a plumber in there that likes Ford, so to speak. They’re gonna push you and say this way. Then you get a chevy guy. They’re going to say, no, no, no, no.

This is the way to go. Both of them could be right and imperfect. Um, but it might not be what’s best for you. You’re going to have to make the determination of, you know, we try to teach our guys, you know, just give the customer as much information as you can and let them make a knowledgeable, educated decision, what’s best for their home. We try and we work on this on a consistent basis with our guys through education meetings and time spent with them to help them understand all of these different fittings and, and our industry is changing rapidly. This is a brand new product on the market. This one, you can’t even find it. And, uh, you have to educate or we have to educate our guys on this product so then they can deliver the message to you, which helps you make the buying decision.

Now, when you get a service provider, specifically plumbing in your house, um, we should be non biased. We should just be delivering information, letting you make the best decision that is for you. And I will preach that til I die. Now, if you asked me what I think is best, I will tell you and I’m going to tell you what I would do if it was my house and John would tell you what he would do in his house. And that’s all we can really do for you is, is that honesty of what we would do. And a lot of this stuff, there’s no right or wrong. Is One product better than the other product? Yes, it’s the manufacturing process. You’re always gonna have one product. Most of the time that’s better than another product. Going back to the car manufacturers, everybody’s heard one product is better than the other product, but you know is one product breaking down all the time compared to the other product.

Those are things that you have to look at. Now, there are some big no no’s to stay away with this piping structure. You will be tried and some companies are still doing this everywhere. The manifold system for Pex, it’s like a box. It looks like an electrical panel box. I would tell you under no such condition, you should install that. Builders are putting it in their homes still today, but it is one of the biggest water wasters you could ever purchase and they can ever be sold to you on and they sell it as, oh, it’s great. They’re home runs to every fixture. What they don’t tell you, it’s one of the worst water wasters they also don’t tell you is you can never remodel your house again. So if you start moving fixtures or you want to add a bathroom, you’re looking at a massive undertaking. If you actually put in this box manifold system, don’t do it. You want to talk further about that? You call me on the phone. I’ll give you a whole host of reasons not to put that in. Right? Right. And that’s not my opinion. It’s a fact.

You want to add onto that. Know my facts are too strong. I have. I had it locked in my head. I was going to go. So what is the best thing, Richard? Not to do manifold. Do it. Answering that question, I will answer that question. You do it the same way the copper system is and, and, and copper. It’s a traditional plumbing system. Treat this the same way. Don’t think of it any different. This is going in as a traditional plumbing system, period. Just an improved type of piping. Yeah. Longer life. I would say different. Yeah. Chevy and Ford. There you go. Just different. I tried different ones. Plastic ones. Copper. Right. Dry. So in saying that you guys, they make a whole host of fittings. This is a specialized fitting that um, is made out of a different type of plastic than the actual piping is very tough piping.

These are really good fittings. These brass fittings are also really good. They’re more expensive. Absolutely. Now again, it’s going to be up to you. Which one do you want? Right? I shouldn’t be dictating which one you want. I should be offering you the options and telling you which one that I would do. So if you get a plumbing company in your house that’s not going through all of these options. You need to ask questions of what am I getting Houston right now? A lot of people are not doing that. There. A guy comes in the house and they’re like, hey, we’re going to re pipe it and Pex. Okay, great. Where do I sign? You shouldn’t do that. You need, I understand. And total of what you’re purchasing, right? So these fittings, can they go out? Can they channel? Can they rust? Can they disintegrate? Would you consider those good questions valid? Then ask them, can this one the center, great candidate, rust candidate, a channel that answer’s no. CanNot break. Yes. What you. Great question. Yeah, I’m playing a plastic one. Do you want to see the plastic? The plastic. Now whenever you’re dealing with in the pipe fittings like this, you’re going to have some type of a ring that goes on the pipe. So this, this is not meant for this pipe, you guys, so any plumbing guys watching this, understand this is not meant for this, but it fits on it and I think it does like that. So you have an expansion tool that expands this. Then this fitting will go inside of it like that. And then that pipe, we’ll reclamp and seal and make a permanent seal around this fitting. Great Product. It’s really interesting to see done to it is, is now this product is really dummy proof. So this is a, a, a push fitting, but you’re just pushing onto the pipe. We’ve gone over this, but I want to show y’all, I’m going back to it a little bit more. Um, and this one here is a permanent fitting as well. Where’s your, what’s, what’s best for you. And I have an example here of this being pushed them. We had a bed the other day. If we could pull this out, we did have a bet we put two completely on and we have yet to get anybody in the office that can dislodge it from it’s fitting. Yeah, it’s pretty easy. He’s a big boy. Okay guys, that’s the end of the show. There’s $50, million questions and answers around this topic, but if you want your house repiped in pex. We are the repiping specialist in pex. We do pex pipe installation in Houston all the time. We also do copper repiping all the time, so whatever you want to do, we can provide that service and again, if you don’t use us to do it, you have any questions prior to you getting it done and you’re using somebody else. That’s fine and you have questions. Call us. We’re always available.

Always here. Always available. Call us. We will answer the questions. Thank you guys. We’ll see you next week. Thank you. I’ll see you next week.

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