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How are you doing today ? We are running a few minutes behind we had a few little production, uh, issues, but this is Richard Saad and John Eccles. Comeing back to you live from Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning. Make a quick adjustment. Let’s get that. There we go. Alright. So how are we doing today? I hope everybody’s doing okay. It’s Thursday, the Thursday and the wonderful month of May. How are fantastic with one job this morning. Looked and see how that was going and it was going fine. So the days going great. Excellent. Well, since we’re running little, let’s jump right into it. You Ready? I’m ready. All right. So again, Greg from the West U area wants to know how long should the parts inside of his toilet tank last? Good question. I thought was a really good question. A lot of times you see it and you look at it and you think, man, is it time to replaces time, replace it. So excellent question Greg

Do you mind if I jump on this one? Do it. All right. So typically the inside of your toilet tank should last probably four or five years depending on a couple of things. That’s an ideal conditions. Uh, do ideal conditions exist maybe somewhere out there, but not here in Houston, right? A water is not the greatest water, uh, in the world called workflow, the water quality stuff. So that’s going to be a determining factor that can wear on the first end that normally goes is your flapper. It’s made of rubber and material and breaks down in the it can even stiffen, right and get hard to not seal all the way or another thing that jumps into that would be, um, whats the word I’m looking for?, toilet cleaners, specify areas as there you go toilet cleaners, are those like those little blue things you hang in the tank?

Absolutely they are. Now, not all of them are bad, uh, but a lot of them have chemicals in there that aren’t so nice to the inner workings of our commodes and it affects the lifespan. Unfortunately. Uh, it does great things. It makes the water beautiful and blue and all those great things. But, uh, it does have some effects on the insides of your commodes. So all those different things will diminish the amount of time that those parts are going to last. So now is it the chemicals that they’re using within that brand, creating the degradation of that, the actuator, that’s a technical term, right? Whatever. Yes. We, yeah. The chemicals that are released once. So obviously a flush occurs, it releases those chemicals and some of those chemicals are absolutely harmful to the inner workings. Is that what you’re telling me to do? Sit there and beat them on that part and beats on that part?

Yeah. Just like the chemicals and are bad water. What was it before? We can, whenever we’re actually talking about this, what’s the chemical? We were debating whether to get into this debate on air for everybody, but everybody in Houston, I hope that you guys know that we’re no longer on a core, a chlorine system and that’s the chemical of course you use in your pool. And that’s the chemical that uh, our city municipalities are using the clean the water. Uh, well they used to be, we’re no longer on that. Were on another chemical called chloramines. Chloramines is more abrasive, our water quality is a lot lower than where it was with chlorine and, and given that now that the water is somewhat Abrasive, it is tearing up the inside of these toilets a quicker. You have to envision that the hardest things on your toilet or uh, things that are sitting in the water full time.

Think about that. These things are emerged in your toilet full time. That’s a problem. And eventually they way we’re out and with our water quality they wear out much quicker. So that’s the, you know, from maybe a little bit more in depth and greg was really wanting. But to answer your question, okay, I think we know a couple of depth things. Only the good high. So going to the Bellaire area, Lillian wants to know why she should hire a licensed plumbing company versus maybe a handyman or a friend down the street. This is a really big issue now that our weather events have created such a, a huge issue, a look at all the flooding that’s occurred. I mean we’ve got thousands of homes that are, that need work. They can’t find people they can get the work done. Uh, and in fact, guys, I’m under the same problem.

I mean, I’m one of the guys that did get flooded, uh, and I just got done with my house two weeks ago, but that should tell you something that if it took that long to get my house done, I was very picky with who I used. Um, I know a lot of people in our industry, not just plumbing across all of our platforms in our, in our industry. If you look at the construction field, and I’m very picky of who I work with and who I use. So I’ll give you an example. My Tile Guy, I had to wait two months, but I knew that I was going to get a perfect job. I think where people get in trouble right now, they try to rush things. They try to listen to people that they don’t know. Oh, I can do that. I can do that.

That’s the famous last words. Oh, I can do that. Well, we are a professional plumbing company. We have all of these requirements that are required not by Houston, but the state of Texas that we must meet and exceed to be your plumbing company. Uh, it’s a really big deal. So let’s take this into perspective. Would you want me doing your tile? Oh, we not only do your plumbing, but your tile and sheet rock. I mean when that should raise a red flag, right? Some people it does and some people it doesn’t because they’re seeing one thing. There’s a cost associated with getting the job done. Well, it could turn out that this job is going to turn out to be very expensive and I see it all the time, uh, problems after problems or just straight theft of money because they can’t do that type of job.

Now, more specifically, what you’re going to hear is a lot of handyman, okay? If you’re not working with a plumbing company, then that, the other side of that is called the handyman saying that, oh, I can fix your sink. I can fix your toilet. I can re pipe your house. I can fix your gas. Right? But that’s called the handyman. That’s not a plumbing company, and even if they have a plumbing license, it’s still illegal for them to do any work in your house. It has to be a plumbing company as defined by the State of Texas. In plumbing. We can create a ton of damage to your house, right? We can burn it down. We can burn half of it down, flood it. We can flood it. We can create mold. Which one do you want? Right? I don’t either, but if you’re not working with a plumbing company, that means if something does occur that goes wrong in your house, which goes wrong all the time, you were completely uncovered.

It also means when you need to make an insurance claim on your insurance because this guy has doesn’t have insurance and he’s gone and he’s not a plumbing company and he shouldn’t been touching it to begin with, insurance has every right to deny paying you for the issue. You guys really have to understand that, and I’ve seen this time and time again. We’re on the second floor. Guy Goes in, they get a handyman, fixed it for 100 bucks a week later, the whole house is flooded. He overtighten something. He did something wrong. whole house is flooded. There’s no recourse. You have to sue that handyman and I’ve seen it time and time again where insurance has denied that claim and it’s been 40 , 50 , 60 grand in damage, so I think it’s 100 bucks is turned in to be real expensive to one of our comments even says it seems like he wanted to experience with this as will cost them more later.

That’s exactly kind of the point that you’re trying to drive home. Is that going? Going for something that’s less experienced and maybe a cheaper option might end up costing them more in the long run. What does it take? The high cost of cheap products? Maybe it’s going to work out for you. I don’t know. I don’t want to sit on too long, but explain to them what do you have to have to have a plumbing company? You have to have somebody that is responsible for that plumbing company through licensing requirements. Okay. How long does it take to get seven, eight years minimum, so take some time, take some time. So if you want to own a plumbing company, you must have that license to be able to do that, right? But let’s just take it one step further. Even if that individual has that license, there’s still all these other requirements that must be met. So let’s just take that Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning is me,


And I’m the only guy that works here, but I have a company called Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning.

From that standpoint, I come out and do work at your house, but I don’t meet all these other requirements. It’s still absolutely illegal for me to touch your plumbing, which means if something goes wrong, insurance could easily deny that claim, right? Just because I have a license doesn’t mean I can do plumbing in your house. And I think that’s the biggest misconception with plumbing is, oh, he’s got a license. He can come over and do work at my house. No, no, we can’t. You have to hit all these other requirements as well. Uh, that you must have people in general realize the amount of training and job experience that licensed plumbers get and what you’re saying having doesn’t make you a great plumber, doctor’s kill people every day. But it does, it does let you know that the technician, according to the state of Texas, is knowledgeable in what he’s doing, at least at the lowest level that they’ll accept it’s minimum requirements, not maximum.

And if they just can’t meet the minimum, that’s a problem. Well, the big thing is, is that should give you some. That’s the cheapest insurance that you can have pride as a consumer is making sure, oh, your license. And it cost me anything they asked you. Right? Oh, at least at least I know you’re minimally knowledgeable about what’s about to go on my house yet. But the issue with that too, even if you’re licensed, you’re still uncovered. You have to work with a plumbing company, right? To get what you need to make sure everything is secure. And in fact, when I was on the other job that it was interesting. This never happens. I had a lady out walking her dogs and she needed help in her house and she stopped and spoke with me for a minute and she was actually asking me all those questions.

Do you have a company? Do you have this? You have that? Yeah. We work with a company. It’s called Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning. We have everything that you need to be successful to do the job that you need to get done, all the requirements, all the insurance, something goes wrong, which sometimes it does. We’re human. We do mess up too, as a company, but we’re here and it gets fixed. Trust me really quick. I don’t want that phone call real quick. We don’t normally do this, but I see that we have a comment from there to how’s it possible or all these other public companies get away with doing plumbing work by the state. Let’s address that. Just real quick. Are they plumbing companies one that one, right? So how do you identify if they’re not sticker as a plumbing company, they don’t have a response to master plumber license on the truck.

You’re not going to be able to see this because the video’s a little grainy, but all in front of all of our company trucks is the master plumbing license number. If you don’t have that, that should be red flag number one. The state has an investigative group that investigates people that are doing plumbing without plumbing licenses, but it’s also your fault for hiring. Correct? Well, I mean, you’ve got to take some responsibility for that. Absolutely, and I don’t think people do. When something goes wrong, they don’t take any responsibility. They just want to get paid. I’m gonna sue em. Well, it’s your fault to begin with for hiring somebody like that, but I want to reiterate something real quick because you pointed out a number on the side of the truck behind this, right? That number correlates to an individual. That number is the number that you should check with the state to make sure everything is complete. Everything is done.

Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. That lets you know that it’s a company. So back to the investigator thing, just real quick. They do have investigative team. The amount of money that goes into securing the whole state of Texas is hard, just much less one that already a train wreck. Yeah, a lot of times normally reported on or something like that and that’s how it goes down. Um, but it is very easy to operate illegally in the business, especially in Houston, but I’m using the large city. It used to take people to jail here in Houston when you got caught, they would take you to jail. Now under current management of the city of Houston, that doesn’t exactly happen anymore, but it should. The number one thing is we use it. You got to take some sort of responsibility on yourself and say, okay, I want to make sure that I am taking care of myself and my family in hiring irresponsible plumbing company. Not An individual. So you want to make sure of all of those things. You know, the individual today that stopped me, she asked, how many trucks do you guys have? Well, we have 16. That means we have a lot of debt and we’re gonna be here tomorrow.

That means we’re not going anywhere. We’re here to support you, so that’s what that means. You know, these guys that are run around town everywhere, whatever they are, they got one truck or two trucks. Those are the guys that when something really goes wrong, they’re not going to be around to help you. And then that’s when the insurance is going to come in and say, okay, let’s try to subrogate against them and if they can’t, they’re going to deny your claim, you know? So I hope we covered that. Pretty good in depth or tell the world if we didn’t and you have any more questions around that, don’t hesitate to hit us up on facebook. We will get them answered. Absolutely. Alright, so for our third one, this is actually pretty interesting. I like this. Brian for the Montrose area wants to know the difference between snaking outa line and hydro jetting your drain lines. A great question. What do you want me to take it?

Go for? It was great. I talked to a whole lot on that last segment. Okay, so we’re talking about cleaning out your drain lines, right? Whether it be your main sewer line or your kitchen drain line. Uh, there’s a couple different options. Obviously snaking it is going to be when we bring out a machine that has a spring loaded cable and it’s all worked on simple drone action turns and it has this head on it. It looks like teeth and it’ll chew right. This was about to eat and it chew through the stoppage. Right. And it will. I’m somewhat leave some stuff behind, but it will get through and eat away the stuff that’s necessary to get your drain line flowing. It will, but heaven forbid sometimes it’ll leave some residual stuff that want to add one more thing to that. Okay. I’m super excited about.

I haven’t told you yet. We’re, we’re going to be doing a how to video next week on that equipment. Really? Yeah. I’m gonna do it myself. How to build it. No, use it with, with trying not to kill yourself. That’s going to be a how to video. Here’s how not to kill yourself with this piece of equipment. It is a fairly. Actually a fairly dangerous piece of equipment is super dangerous. A piece of equipment it’ll break your arm like two seconds. Yeah, it’s a big spring, you know, I mean with a big motor with a high torque and it, once it hits a stop is just doesn’t want to go somewhere and that cable bind up and like you said, it can definitely hurt anyway. So when you want to choose to the stoppage, right? It leaves some residuals behind the line will drain, but it just doesn’t do what we’re about to talk about.

Now. Hydrojetting is the type of cleaning that will take your line. To as near new, a condition as it possibly can because as when it first put in. Correct. And now it’s basically what it does, is it pressure wash the inside of your sewer line, right? Depending on what head is being used. They have different configurations for this pressure. Um, and depending on what machine they got, machines that are 2,500 psi and the 4,000 Psi and depends on what you’re using. Uh, my typical head will normally have one stream shooting right to really break up anything in front of it. And then you know, three to five jets pulling back to really dislodge anything on the outside of those pipes and it really is really beneficial in your kitchen lines, especially if you have a nasty habit of putting grease down your kitchen line. That’s a big component of blocking kitchen stoppages.

Problem with grease is you don’t even know you’re doing it a lot of times because you think you’re doing the right thing and you’re scraping the trash or the excess food off in in the trashcan and you’re doing the right thing. The problem is that residual that’s left on there clogs up that drain and just sits there and coagulates in the pipe over time, right? You, big, word of the day. It is a big word of the day. But yeah. So hydorjetting you know, talk about these options. If you have the choice, you, you’d much rather hydrojet versus snake, especially if you’re looking for something that’s going to take that drain line to a is like again, is near new condition as possible. You know, where the snake is going to eat and leave clumps, you know, it’ll get the job done. It is less expensive right?

Uh, it gives a pretty decent warranty with it, especially through our company. With that hydrojetting is just the next step up. It’s really going to clean out your drain line. Um, it’s going to make sure that those lines stay clean for a little bit longer than that, that cable. Then the same thing on. The only thing that I would add is I think it’s imperative that. And I’m a firm believer in this, I don’t want to snake kitchen lines. They should all be hydrojetted. Yeah. Just because of the habit of customers. Like you said, you know, I’m probably the most guilty person in Houston about putting stuff down my kitchen pipe. I put everything down there, just shove it all in there turn on disposal and you think it is gone. Good chances are about 30 feet down the line is where it’s sitting and it’s going to come back to haunt you when you least wanted, you know, absolute.

Obviously grease is a big one because grease is a real good because it ends up never makes it down to the foreign time. It always stays in his builds layers, layers until it’s Kinda like arteries, your cholesterol, same thing. I mean it doesn’t happen overnight. It just sits there and builds and builds and builds and the next thing you know, what happens, I don’t know, I wish they had a generator and I shouldn’t. But if you think about it, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s a pipe. It’s just like your vein. It gets cholesterol in and it starts closing down. Then I got to go in there and work on it and clean me out. And that’s what this thing does. High pressure shoots down that line and it will make it look pretty close to brand new. So if you’re ever interested in that service, we do all the necessary service to jet.

You know, what do we have four different types of jets, jets going from anything that’s a toolbox up to the trailer. You’ve got to hold onto your house completely separate. We will get that job done. Absolutely. Always. Um, that’s all the questions, so we have the data that you want to add. Anything else? I don’t, but next week it is imperative that we keep this going with questions. So please, we welcome questions sending questions. We will read them and tell you what to do to fix your problems. Right? So please, you guys have done some great questions. We’ve had some great questions I hopefully answered and we’ve helped you guys through the process some of these questions and where you could make good decisions. Um, but please keep the questions coming. It’s been great and we need your help to do that. Share video, share video and like our page please, please. And thank you. Tell your friends they’ll cut off yet though. I got to do the joke and the joke of the week I got a quick one so it will be too long, right? When a boat gets sick, where does it go? Entry door to the doc.

I did,

what do you call an alligator? That wears a vest an investigator. Well thank you guys for tuning in. We’ll see you next week. No, we’re going to live our production team. Ursula. Come over and we might have had. Yeah.

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