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Check out some of Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning Radio Ads that have aired in Houston from local radio stations

Radio Ad # 160 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Weather’s been hot, weather’s been cold, weather’s been hot, weather’s been cold. What to do about your HVAC system?

Yeah. You’re, you’re heating, uh, and your air conditioning, uh, that’s, that’s running back and forth, back and forth. Plus the freezes and then the falls. That’s, that’s tricky on your plumbing too. And we know a guy who can handle all of it.

Absolutely. Look, the New Year’s here, well, it’s been here for a couple weeks now at this point, and I, if you’re thinking to yourself, Hey, I haven’t serviced my HVAC system in a while. What the hell are you waiting for?

Exactly. You wanna call Nick’s for HVAC system? Nick’s AC for plumbing. Nick’s Plumbing.

Wait a second. This guy’s a plumber too.

Yeah, they do all of this. They have a lot of people working there. Experts in both lines.

All right. I’ve heard of Nick’s air What’s the website for Nick’s Plumbing?

I think it might be. Uh, nick’s

And, and the best prices, the best service around?

Always. That’s why we use ’em and recommend them to everybody else.

Ask for Nick.

Radio Ad # 159 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

I don’t know if you heard, but uh, there was a historic winter storm in Texas recently, and now that the new year is here, some people might be wondering; who should they call for, for busted pipes or heating, air conditioning issues?

I will tell you this, I wouldn’t use whoever you used last winter storm. If you had more problems, if Nick’s had come the first time, you wouldn’t have to be calling them this time.

Oh, you’re talking about Nick’s Plumbing or Nick’s Air Conditioning?

I’m always talking about Nick’s plumbing and Nick’s AC and heating. You want all that?

Wait a second. You’re telling me the same people at Nick’s also have a website called Nick’s Air and they’re just as reliable with just as competitive prices?

That’s what I’m telling you. And even better than that, I’ve used them. I think you’ve used them.

Oh, I’ve used them.

That is how we can recommend them to you.

So Nick’s or Nick’s Air Which website’s better?

Either way you go. It depends on whether you have a plumbing problem or, or an air conditioning problem. Ah, so then you decide.

Radio Ad # 158 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Got a little bit of cold weather here in southeast Texas. A lot of cold weather everywhere, but we bring it up for a reason. If you own a home, if you’re somebody that cares about the, I don’t know, the pipes in your home, maybe one of ’em burst and you’re having a hard time finding a plumber…

And the heating too. Don’t forget the heating, the plumbing and the heating. Ever since that big freeze when, when everything went wrong, everybody just, every time they mention the word freeze, people just panic. Don’t, don’t panic. Just make sure you’re up to date with Nick’s Plumbing and Nick’s AC and heating.

It’s true. Nick’s or nick’s air Yes. They also do heating. It’s a twofer, guys. You call them up and they’ll come solve both problems. They’re available. They have a big team of people. They’re not new. They’ve been around since 1979, and so that means that their service is great and their prices are very competitive.

Oh, yeah, man, their technicians are great. I know a bunch of ’em by name you. I don’t know who you’ll get, but they’re all highly experienced. Nick’s, Nick’s, both great folks.

Radio Ad # 157 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

It’s getting to be about that time of year again. They say you’re supposed to have your heating and your AC checked once a year and now that it’s cold again, probably a smart move to call Nick.

I will tell you this, the back and forth stuff, you know, cause mama’s cold. Okay, turn the heat on Mama’s hot. Now turn the air conditioner back on. That is bad for your system. And oh, and speaking of systems, Nick’s, AC and Heat, they can also send out Nick’s plumbing cuz it is a, a very, uh, what’s you call, uh, high versatile, uh, uh, . It’s high usage time of year for the old plumbing, if you know what I mean.

I get what you’re saying right. Because of Thanksgiving. Ah-huh. Hey, look, whether you need a plumber, an HVAC guy or whatever, just know that Nick’s is always reliable and it’s easy to find him on the internet.

Yep. You can go to nick’s probably if you needed a plumber

Or you could go to nick’s air for your HVAC system

Yep. For your heating and air conditioning because, uh, you’re gonna need that.

Nick does it again.

Radio Ad # 156 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Hey, Mr. O. Weren’t you saying the other day you were having a problem with your pipe?

Oh, what? No, no. No problem. Uh, I, I was saying if there was a problem, who would you call for a situation like that?

Oh, just hypothetically.

Yeah, that’s a hypothetical question.

Yeah. Well, probably Nick’s plumbing. It’s the same person you call if you got an air conditioning problem.

Right! Nick’s plumbing’s got over 40 years experience dealing with busted out old pipes that don’t work the way they used to.

Right? Nicks, They’ve been around since the seventies, even before there was a website. But the thing about it is they also do AC and HVAC systems.

One of these days, and maybe you’ve tried it already, you’re gonna turn that heat on cause Mama’s going get cold and it’s, it’s gonna come out smelling funny, or it ain’t gonna be hot. And then what are you gonna do?

Right this time of year, it’ll be 90 degrees one week, and then 50 degrees the next week. Either way, you’re gonna want Nick’s air to help you out.

Probably better to get him out now. Make sure it’s all working good than late at night when Mama’s screaming at you.

Always a smart move. Nick’s and Nick’s air

Radio Ad # 155 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

If your air conditioner smells like a dirty toilet and your uh, toilet has cold air blowing out of it, you might need to call Nick.

Yeah. Sounds like something screwed up there. Somewhere along the way. And Nick’s Plumbing and Nick’s Air Conditioning and Heating, they can come in there, take a look at it, straighten it all out.

And I know, you know, people are still laughing at the whole heating thing, right? One of these days.


Mama’s going wake up in the middle of the night, it’s freezing and then you go, “well, we’ll just kick the heat on”, and then the heat don’t come on. Guess who’s in trouble? You are. Cuz you should have called Nick’s ahead of time.

All right, so it’s Nick’s Plumbing and Nick’s Air Conditioning. What’s the website?

Um, well, Nick’s or Nick’s Air

He’s got two websites?

It looks that way.

Is that allowed?

I think it is.


When you’ve been in business over 40 years and you’re still family owned and operated, you can do stuff like that.

Call ‘em (713) 868-9907.

Radio Ad # 154 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

I was hanging out this weekend with a guy and his name was not Nick.

No. Who Was it?

Uh, it was something else and it occurred to me. If your name was Nick, you’d be a lot cooler.

Oh yeah. Everybody named Nick. Everybody know that’s a cool dude right there.

Sure, whether you’re talking about Nick’s plumbing or Nick’s air conditioning, Nick is a guy you can trust.

Especially if you need assistance with plumbing. Yeah. Or air conditioning.

Exactly. Yeah. Then you wanna call Nick’s.

I know what you’re thinking. Summer’s over. What do I need my air conditioning checked out for.

Oh, that’s cute. You haven’t lived here long, huh?

Yeah. If you need anything fixed, installed, inspected, Nick’s Plumbing is your guy. But you know nick’s air that’s your guy too.

I would Bet you money right now. That Christmas day, your air conditioner is gonna come on. I mean, if, if it ain’t broke, and if it is broke, call Nick’s AC and then it will come on Christmas Day, you watch.

Yeah. Go to nick’s or nick’s air Nick is the guy.

Radio Ad # 153 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Friend of mine, the other day, said he, he had an emergency at his house. He needed his AC fixed, and he needed a plumber. But he didn’t have enough time to call two people.

Ah, jackpot, man, that is Nick’s. That’s the sweet spot. Nick’s Plumbing. And Nick’s AC

I thought it was Nick’s air You’re telling me they’re plumbers too?

Well, I say AC, cause I wanted to be quick, you know, shorten it. AC actually stands for air conditioning.

Is that right?


I had no idea. How about that?

Learn something every day.

When you go to Nick’s or you go to Nick’s Air One thing you’re gonna notice is it’s the same business. Now they’ve been doing both of them for a long time. Decades, really. So, it’s not like they were plumbers who just recently started AC or vice versa.

Nope. And this is high tech stuff today. You can’t just get in there and jiggle a handle or unplug it and plug it back in. That’s probably not gonna fix It.

Go to Nick’s website. or call 713-868-9907.

Radio Ad # 152 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Some people think that Nick’s is an air conditioning repair company.

Well, I think they’re right.

Some people think Nick’s is a plumbing service.

I think they’re right.

Well, which is It?

Peanut butter or chocolate? Uh, you can have both.

Nick’s or Nick’s air These are the guys we call when we need somebody to check on our HVAC system or fix our pipes.

Actually, I’ve been using Nick’s plumbing for years and years to tell everybody about it. And they come out and they do a good job. I luckily haven’t had to call Nick’s air conditioning, yet fingers crossed, but boy, or heating either way. You don’t want that to go out when it does, you immediately wanna know who to call and that would be Nick’s.

Yeah, these guys are fast. They’re reliable. Whether you’re talking about residential or commercial, they even have a VIP service plan, if you own and maintain some property and you need someone to help you out with it.

If you noticed, if you’re not a handyman and you can’t fix it yourself, the next best thing is immediately knowing who to call Nick’s Nick’s air

Take your pick.

Radio Ad # 151 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

I’m pretty special, I guess y’all know that.

Well, yeah, we do.

Yeah. You are pretty special.

By that I mean I get mail from Nick’s Plumbing and air conditioning.

No, you know, it’s two different businesses, but it’s also the same business. That’s kind of confusing,

Isn’t it? Yeah. But see my mail, I just got this in, uh, and they said whether it’s air conditioning or plumbing Nick’s has got me covered and they can cover you too. All you do is give ’em a call, same day service, financing if you need it, and you can even go online for scheduling and all that.

Yeah. You go to Nick’s or you go to Nick’s air either way. You’re gonna save a ton of money and you know what? They’re gonna do a good job. These are the guys we use they’re even hiring right now. If you need a guy.

Oh Yeah. That’s what I need. I need to put people to work.

You do so go ahead. Call ’em today. (713) 868-9907. Or find ’em online at Nick’s or Nick’s air

You call ’em today and they are on the way.

Radio Ad # 150 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

By the way, heads up. If you’re calling over to Nick’s Plumbing, which we recommend, if you have a plumbing problem, uh, the little gal over there that answers the phone said, “could you ask your listeners to be less descriptive?”

Oh, is that, is that what they were doing?

When they’re describing their plumbing, uh, problems. Just, just highlight. Just broad strokes. Okay. Cause that’s enough of your, your foolishness.

Yeah. They don’t need you to describe what it looks like. And certainly, don’t start any sentences like this, like, oh, it smells like…

No, the plumber doesn’t care.

No. Just, just tell ’em what’s wrong. They’ll send somebody over. Now, here’s the cool thing about Nick’s plumbing? Uh, Nick’s plumbing has another business called Nick’s air conditioning.

What do they do over there?

Uh, guess what they do?

Um, air conditioning.

Yeah. They fix and repair. Okay.

Okay. But if your wife is really hot and sweaty, then you can go into great description about that.

Oh, that’s okay. Right. Nick’s Nick’s or Nick’s air We use them. You should too.

Like under boob, sweat.

Radio Ad # 149 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

If you got a plumbing problem, if you have an air conditioning problem, it’s the same guy. It’s Nick.

Nick’s plumbing and Nick’s air conditioning. They are the best. I wouldn’t have ’em come over to my place if I didn’t think they was the best.

I used them as well. I had a plumbing emergency. I went to Nick’s They came right over by the way they’re hiring, but you’d better be good because these are the guys we call when we need somebody.

So you might be at our house pretty soon in business here locally for over 40 years, they cover all areas of home and commercial plumbing and AC repairs, installation, all those things that you would expect, but they’re really sweethearts.

Yeah, absolutely. They even have a VIP service plan. If you own property and you need work done regularly, you go to Nick’s You can schedule an appointment. Uh, you could do it all on their website, or you could just call ’em (713) 868-9907.

Won’t the phone number be on the website.

It is Nick’s or Nick’s air

I just knew the website. I’d be good.

You’re good. You’re good. Yeah.

Radio Ad # 148 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Hey, you know, who’s a cool guy?

Uh, me? No, no, no, not you.

Yes, I am

Nick. Well, yeah, everybody knows. Nick’s a cool guy.

Yeah. Nick’s plumbing. Nick’s air conditioning.

Oh, that Nick. Yeah. It’s an especially cool guy. Cause when, uh, AC craps out on you and everybody’s all hot and steamy and getting mad at each other and stuff and blaming me. Yeah. Uh, you call Nick.

Right. And you know what else I like about Nick is if the, the sewer system’s broken And everybody’s mad and they’re all blaming me for what popped up in the toilet. No, you call Nick.

Yeah. You’re probably wondering what’s the website. Well, there’s more than one. You could go to Nick’s You could go to Nick’s air

Well, I’m guessing you’re supposed to choose depending on what you need ’em to do.

Honestly, it’s the same company, the best. Yeah. Either one you called, you know, just so you know, they do it all, you know, that’d be the only problem with Nick.

He’s kind of a showoff, you know what I mean? Now? What if you called Nick’s plumbing and they didn’t answer. So you call Nick’s AC and, and they answered and you said put the plumbing down the line.

Yeah. Either way. Nick’s plumbing. Nick’s air conditioning.

Radio Ad # 147 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Friend of mine the other day said he needed a good air conditioning repairman. I told him, call a plumber.

Yep. You called Nick’s.

Yeah, Nick’s. Nick’s air conditioning. Nick’s plumbing. It’s the same company.

Now. It might not be the same person that works at Nick’s, but Nick’s is great at both. It’s not a competition. Let’s not say, okay, well the plumbing side, you know, the AC side they’re all great. And Nick’s plumbing still locally owned and operated after over 40 years in Houston.

Oh yeah, they’re great. They he’s got a whole team of people. They, they do plumbing. They fix AC units. They’re quick. They’re efficient. They’re available practically 24 hours a day. You can book ’em at Nick’s or Nick’s air

What Happened if I just, my thermostat and like water comes out.

I Would say the call, Nick.

You should have called Nick’s because they didn’t do that.

Yeah. Probably call him right away. Nick’s Nick’s air The best in the biz. They don’t care. What colors or religion or what you are call them today. They’ll help you out.

Radio Ad # 146 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

If you need a good plumber or a good air conditioning repairman, it’s the same person.

Oh, it is. Well, you call my guy. I, I got a guy.

No, I got a guy. My guy’s better than your guy.

No, my guy’s Nick and Nick kicks your guy’s butt.

That’s who I call. I call Nick’s plumbing or Nick’s air conditioning.

Yeah, you don’t actually get Nick. I mean, that would be something, but you call Nick’s plumbing or Nick’s air conditioning and they are the experts.

It’s not hard to do. Go to Nick’s

Oh no. You go to Nick’s or

I think it’s, Nick’s air

I like to abbreviate.

Well, it’s even easier. Well, either way, it’s the same great person and they’re quick and they’re efficient and they’ll go anywhere in the greater Houston area. The price is right. The service is even better.

I’ve used Nick’s plumbing, you know, as far back as I can remember. And when I got anair conditioning problem, you know who I’m gonna call?

Who’s that?

Well, ummmm, Nick’s

Nick’s or Nick’s air

Either way. That’s the way.

Radio Ad # 145 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Friend of mine, the other day said Nick’s is the best plumber in town. I said, no, Nick’s is the best air conditioning repairman in town.

And then let me ask, y’all had a little slap fight.

No, it turns out we were both talking about the same guy we were both right.

You were both right. That’s the great thing. Well, one of the many great things about Nick’s plumbing or Nick’s air conditioning, they’ve got so many years in the business. They are still locally owned and operated. And I find that to be important as well.

This time of year, if your plumbing goes out, it’s a tragedy. But if your AC goes out, you Lord, you could die.

Yeah. Goes even if you don’t die from the heat, uh, mama might kill you. Yeah, you might. She don’t want to get hot.

You don’t want that. Go to Nick’s air or Nick’s It’s the same great company. And they’re gonna do you right guys, call ’em today. (713) 868-9907.

Now we say that because we’ve had, ’em come out to our individual, uh, respective, uh, home sites and they have been very professional.

And they’re hiring right now, too. Nick’s or Nick’s air

Radio Ad # 144 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Some people think Nick’s is famous for air conditioning. Other people think they’re famous for plumbing.

Is this like that peanut butter and chocolate thing? Uh, you got your plumber in my air conditioning unit?

Well, it’s true. Nick’s does it all. Nick’s Plumbing. Nick’s Air Conditioning. Call it whatever you want. In fact, both of those websites will take you to the same great business.

Just make sure you stick the right guy in the right business. Don’t go sticking stuff where it don’t belong.

We use these guys. Go to Nick’s or Nick’s air If you need to have your air conditioner maintenanced or, or maybe you just need something installed, fixed, or even inspected.

And it could be an emergency and you’re suddenly just going, oh my God, what do I do? Cuz if your AC went out, I mean, you’re gonna panic.


Don’t panic. Remember the number to Nick’s or actually it’s easier just to remember the website cuz it’s Nick’s

No, no. It’s Nick’s air

See there y’all go again.

Radio Ad # 143 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

I have a family member. The air conditioner in her car is broken and she’s not doing anything about it. And I thought to myself, this would be so convenient if Nick’s Plumbing and Air Conditioning just did car, air conditioning as well as they do in a building.

Yeah. That would’ve been handy for her.

Yeah. They would’ve come right over and taken care of that problem. And ‘cuz Nick’s Plumbing or Nick’s Air Conditioning makes it so easy to fix your air conditioning or your plumbing needs, but, problem is when it’s in a car, that’s something else.

Well, let’s just keep our fingers crossed that her home air conditioner will go out soon.

Now, that didn’t sound right.

Look Nick’s does it all. That’s why we just call ‘em Nick’s. If, if you go to Nick’s, great plumber. Nick’s Air, great air conditioning. They do everything!

And Nick can do it for your house or for your business, whatever it is you need. Believe me, they’ve been at this a good long while, over 40 years, still locally owned and operated, just like it always has been.

Call Nick today, go to Nick’s or Nick’s Air and say goodbye to your problems.

Radio Ad # 142 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

One of the great things about Nick’s Plumbing is that it’s never been easier to go out and find a plumber or somebody to replace your air conditioner…’cuz it’s the same guy.

Nick’s Air Conditioning and Nick’s Plumbing.

That’s right. Nick’s Plumbing. Nick’s Air Conditioning. What’s wrong? Well then Nick’s will make it right.

It’s true. They got two websites. Nick’s Nick’s air It’s the same business. But you’re probably thinking to yourself, how’s this guy gonna do all the plumbing and all the air conditioning repair at the same time. He doesn’t, he’s got a team of people

That’s right. The whole team of folks Nick’s Plumbing and, and Nick’s Air Conditioning, both been around, family owned still after 40 plus years in Houston.

Yeah. And the price is right. You know, there’s a reason they’ve been around so long, quick, efficient, reliable. They don’t rip you off either.

Well, you know, the price is right when you found out a bunch of DJs calls ’em cause that that’s, who comes to fix all our stuff.

I don’t know who the DJs are, but go to Nick’s today.

Radio Ad # 141 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

You know who I like?

I know you, uh, you like Nick’s.

Oh yeah, Nick is awesome, dude!

Uh, like we always tell you, Nick’s your buddy, Nick’s your pal. Nick’s the guy that comes, a-running when you’ve got an emergency. Say, uh, your AC crapped out, or what about a, what if you had a, a stopped up toilet or a water leak that won’t stop?

Wait a second. This guy, Nick does air conditioning and plumbing.

You guessed it. Yeah. That’s Nick’s plumbing or Nick’s AC.

Wow, that’s incredible. Next, you’re gonna tell me there’s two websites.

As a matter of fact, there are two websites.

Nick’s Plumbing and Nick’s Air

Same fine people that I always call to come over to my place and fix any problems I get. And you can have ’em come to your place.

Wait a second. That’s the people I call. How could they be helping you if they’re helping me?

Wow. How do they have time for anybody else? With a couple of guys like you?

They’re even hiring right now, you could call ’em at (713) 868-9907. Or go to Nick’s or go to Nick’s Air Got it.

Radio Ad # 140 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Boy the other day, my wife says to me, she says, “you know, we’re having an issue at the house. You better call Nick’s”. And then I said, what is it? Plumbing or air conditioning related? And she said, “yes”.



Yes, and luckily when you call Nick’s, they can fix all of that. They can do repair, maintenance, uh, they can do installation, all that kind of stuff. So, you got a plumbing problem. You need Nick’s. You got AC problems? You need Nick’s.

I was telling my wife, go to the website, if you need help. Nick’s And she said, “that’s not the website. It’s Nick’s Air”.

Looks like there’s two, two, two Nicks in one!

Make up your mind lady. Turns out it’s both.

Yep. And they got 40 years plus in the business. So that means, uh, been doing it a long time. State of the art equipment, all the know how to get things done right.

Go to Nick or Nick’s Air either way. Call Nick’s.

(713) 868-9907.

Radio Ad # 139 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

You know what I like about Nick? Nick’s your guy, man. Nick’s the guy you could trust. He’s a cool guy. Nick’s the kind of guy who pukes in your car, whatever. He’ll clean it up for you. He’s a good guy.

Nick’s your boy. Yes, sir. And if you have plumbing problems or problems with your air conditioning, for example, you wanna know somebody is gonna come and take it serious. I mean, you lose your AC this time of year, that’s serious and the guys at Nick’s, they get that.

Now, Nick’s does air conditioning. Nick’s does plumbing. So, you’re probably wondering what’s the website. Well, either one Nick’s or Nick’s Air It’s the same great company. It’s the same great guy.

Still, all the local folks, family owned and operated for over 40 years. Nick’s is the guy you call ‘cause it is an emergency situation.

Yeah. For all things, plumbing or air conditioning, call 713 868 9907.

The, uh, the website Nick’s

Or Nick’s Air

I got it.

Radio Ad # 138 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Hey, Billy Ed, your house out in the country. How hot was it there the other day?

Always get up about 107, 108 degrees. No biggie.

All right. Well, what, what are you gonna do if your air conditioner breaks?

Well, it won’t, but if it did, I have the number to Nick’s Plumbing,

Nick’s Plumbing? That’s a plumbing service.

713-868-9907. See, I got it memorized, plus it’s in the phone.

Oh yeah, plus they do air conditioning and heating,

Right as, uh, Nick’s Plumbing, a business for over 40 years, also specializing in AC. And that, by the way, is a bigger emergency than a plumbing emergency.

And you know, they’re not new to the game. They’ve been doing both for a long time. In fact, they were voted 2021 City’s Best plumber and air conditioning service.

Well, ain’t that nice? And I guess that’s probably because, uh, everybody here at the Walton Johnson show has always called up Nick’s Plumbing for any kind of problem that they can handle.

I think they won despite us. Go to Nick’s

That’s more likely.

Radio Ad # 137 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Having some new sinks installed over at the house, and I gotta tell you whether you’re having something fixed, installed, or you just want to get an inspection done, you gotta call the same people we call when we need our air conditioner fixed.

Who me?

No, no. Nick’s Plumbing.

Nobody’s calling you!

It’s Nick’s Plumbing, Sewer Services, Air Conditioning, and Heating. They do It all.

You did call me years ago to ask who I used. And that’s when I told you Nick’s Plumbing.

That’s Right. I actually called you and I asked you how to fix a, a stop, a stopped up sink. You said call 713-868-9907.

Everybody Here at the Walton & Johnson show uses Nick’s Plumbing. When we have a problem or an installation, we also call them for air conditioning, service and repair because God knows you can’t live here without it.

Absolutely. Who else would you call for hydrostatic leak detection?

That’s Nick’s Plumbing. Over 40 years in the business.

And they’ll fix your air conditioner too. They’re not new. They’ve been doing it for a long time.

I want that hydrostatic thing and I don’t even know what it is.


Radio Ad # 136 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a thousand times. When you need somebody to fix your air conditioning unit, you should call a plumber.

If you call the right plumber, the one we use for our plumbing and our AC that’s, of course, Nick’s everybody knew that already. Right?

Nick’s Plumbing is the leading authority in residential and commercial plumbing, but they also do air conditioning and heating. And they’ve been doing it since 1979. So, it’s not like they’re just figuring it out.

You naturally want your wife to be hot, right? Mm-hmm, but not because the AC ain’t working now.

Yeah. But you know, because she’s mad at you for cheating on her.

But no, but no, but believe me, if she’s hot for the wrong reasons, you gonna pay the price. So, getting a hold of Nick’s Plumbing is the perfect option.

And you know, they’re hiring right now, but you had better be good, cuz Nick’s Plumbing’s the guys that we call when we need somebody to fix our plumbing and AC Unit.

So they all still do in the plumbing too, right?

Oh yeah. Always have been.

Been for over 40 years. Get all the details at Nick’s or call 713-868-9907.

Radio Ad # 135 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Lately, my air conditioner has not turned off.

Whoa. Yeah, that that’s a problem. Uh, it’s kind of tough on the AC unit. Imagine if it does go off though, then you really start to panic. It is like, what if it doesn’t go back on?

No, no, I want it to work. It is hot as Hades outside. Do you know somebody that’s good at doing maintenance for an air conditioning system?

Oh yeah. I’ll always recommend Nick’s Plumbing for all of your air conditioning needs.

You recommend a plumber for air conditioning?

I also recommend ’em for plumbing.

Oh, oh, okay.

I mean, they’ve been at this for over 40 years. They got a lot of experience and they’ve come to my place. You know, they’ve been over to your house for plumbing. They do AC work too.

Oh yeah, Nick’s Plumbing, apparently, they’re just as good at air conditioning and heating as they are at plumbing but doing it for years. For decades. And of course, they got a great price guide. You go to their website, Nick’s You can even book an appointment right there. You don’t even have to talk to someone on the phone if you don’t want to…

But you could, if you wanted to. They’re very sweet.

Yep. Nick’s 713-868-9907.

Radio Ad # 134 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Last weekend in my little neighborhood, which I think is the same basic neighborhood you live in…


A hundred degrees.

Oh, very warm.

And I, I don’t think it’s gonna cool down, summer hasn’t even started yet.

It it’s getting closer, and you can kind of feel it creeping up on you a little bit. Now, what we wanna warn you about is, if you have trouble with your AC, at this point, it could be life or death if you make the wrong phone call.

Yeah, it’s true. You should call the guy we call when we need somebody to check up on our air conditioner. And, and in case you didn’t know, we call a plumber.

Yes, it’s Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer. Now we’re sharing this with you, but we don’t want the whole wide world knowing, because, then they could get like overburdened and then not be able to make it to my house.

Yeah. This is a little secret. go to Nick’s They’ve been doing your plumbing work for well, since 1979, dozens of hardworking employees, we use them, but you know, they also do air conditioning and heating systems.

And you don’t know what you’re doing. So go ahead. Nick’s or call 713-868-9907.

Radio Ad # 133 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Y’all realize the kind of insane weekend we have just had here? A hundred degrees, a hundred degrees, it’s not even summer yet. It’s a hundred degrees out.

And, you know, somebody’s air conditioner probably crapped out on ’em right in the middle of, of that. Now it wasn’t mine. But if it was, I would know what to do. Would you know what to do?

Yeah. You call a plumber.


You call Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services because they also are AC experts.

Our friends at Nick’s Plumbing have been doing AC and heating work since the 1970s. Now you may not need your heater right now, but you’re definitely gonna want your air conditioner to work. Somebody is gonna die if their air conditioner doesn’t work, don’t let it be you.

These are guys we call. They’ve been over to all of our houses, Nicks That’s the website, the, the phone number (713) 868-9907. Like I said, since the seventies, they got a lot of experience. See their trucks, vans all over town. Everybody loves Nick’s Plumbing.

We Use them. You should too. Nick’s

Radio Ad # 132 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

People always get confused when I tell ’em this, it’s hot out. Your air conditioning needs fixing? Call a plumber.

Yeah, but not just any plumber, call Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services and Air Conditioning too. Now, if your, uh, if your wife is hot…

Yep. I bet she is.

And it’s not ‘cause she dressed up real pretty, but it’s cause the A/C ain’t working good.


You’re gonna want to get Nick’s coming right away.

Now. Of course, Nick’s Plumbing is always the go to when you have a plumbing emergency.

Of course. I mean, everybody here on the Walton & Johnson show already knew that. We all use Nick’s Plumbing.

Similarly, uh, maybe you just have something you need installed or you need a building inspection, but when it comes to air conditioning and heating, they are the creme de la crème.

Family owned and operated. You like that. Over 40 years experience, that’s always good. Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer. Anytime, anywhere.

Go to Nick’s today. Tell ’em we sent you

Or, 713-868-9907.

Radio Ad # 131 – The Walton and Johnson Show

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services Walton & Johnson Spot Transcript:

Some things in this world, I just don’t understand.

Oh, I know. We’ve, we’ve had discussions about that before. Kenny, sometimes you just don’t get it.

I know. My wife’s mood, for example. Why do I occasionally get a pimple on my elbow? I don’t know. And, and plumbing. I can’t figure that out either.

Well, no, nobody figured out plumbing, except professional plumbers. And then when you need one, you need to call Nick’s Plumbing. Cause that’s who everybody here on the show have used and we can guarantee you and we can testify.

Wait a second. I thought Nick’s Plumbing did air conditioning and heating systems.

No, but they also do plumbing.


Yeah, Nick’s Plumbing is a plumber.

Matter of fact, they’ve been in business well over 40 years and they’ve gotten really good at this.

Yeah. If you’re looking for a new water heater, if you want to go tankless in 2022, you know, it’s more efficient. Faster hot water. Nick’s Plumbing can install it cheap!

All the home and commercial service, repairs, installation, plumbing, and AC, and boy, you sure wouldn’t wanna lose your AC this time of year.


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