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Radio Ad #16 - The Walton and Johnson Show

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If you've got a plumbing problem at your house, take a screwdriver or a pair of pliers, go over to it, and if that doesn't fix it or if it makes it worse, then immediately drop the tools and run to the phone and call Nick's plumbing, which you should have done in the first place anyway. Yeah, it's family owned and operated business. They've been right here in the greater Houston area since 1979 and if you're having gas, plumbing problems, if you've got to fix your sewer line, if you've got a leaky faucet, whatever it is, don't make it worse. Let Nick do it. Anybody knows the only tool plumbing tool you need at your house is your telephone and you call (713) 868-9907 but the cool thing about nix is even if you can't remember that number, Nick's is the website. How easy is that? Everybody can remember that. What was it again? Nick's I can remember it with my [inaudible] clothes. Yes, you can. (713) 868-9907 MPL three eight five four eight.

Radio Ad #15 - The Walton and Johnson Show

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As a good old country boy. I like myself. I know a lot of our listeners probably like to just handle problems on their own. They don't have to call people all the time unless it has to do with plumbing. I'm going to tell you right now, there's no reason to be too proud to call Nick plumbing and just tell him you either don't know what you're doing or you just don't want to touch that nasty stuff, so tell nix to get on it. Oh yeah, I've heard good things about Nick, but you know, I really need a plumber that could re pipe my house. Oh, they can do that. Easy. No big deal. They've got over 40 years experience in the business. Sometimes it's not just pipes or faucets or flushing. Sometimes it can be high tech. It might need a full repiping. Nick's plumbing right on it. That's true. Folks from the big jobs to the small ones, all thing plumbing related. Nick's has got you covered. Give him a phone call right now. Pick up the phone, give him a ring at (713) 868-9907 and that phone number is probably at the website, which is easy. Nick

Radio Ad #14 - The Walton and Johnson Show

Radio Ad Transcription:

Last year. If you can remember way back, like a little over a week. Uh, I recommended a plumber to you guys and I don't know if you remember that or not, but if you need plumbing, hell remember, what was it? Oh, are you talking about Nick's I just want to see if you remembered Nick's plumbing and sewer services. Yes, that is the website. Nick's and the reason I recommend him to people is because I have used them myself multiple times. Okay. And they've already come through, they get the job done immediately. They know what's wrong, they get right on it and boom, they're handled it cause they got over 40 years of experience. They know what they're doing. Math since 1979 that's a pretty long time. They do re-piping sewer services, new water heaters, commercial, residential, you name it. That, that sounds like a lot of hard work. I don't want to do any of it. Well you could find them in Nick's or give them a call. (713) 868-9907 and you'd be sure to tell him, Oh Billy had sent ya.

Radio Ad #13 - The Walton and Johnson Show

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I've told y'all before, I learned as a young man, it is great to know ahead of time what to do in an emergency situation. Like when you have a wreck, you need to know instantly who to call. Don't panic. Same thing with your plumbing system. I know what you're talking about in this, I actually called Nick's plumbing from someone else's house. It was out of habit, but the toilet had overflowed. There was a problem obviously, and I just wanted to be helpful. You need to know ahead of time. Nick's plumbing to the rescue, big jobs, small job, whatever it is, homes, commercial, just a little repair or a complete repiping, you know, they can do that kind of stuff and a faucets, flushing, whatever it is. Nick's plumbing is who you want to call. They've been at this for, well, since 1979 that's about 40 years. Give or take. Go to Nick's or call (713) 868-9907.

Radio Ad #12 - The Walton and Johnson Show

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Radio Ad #9 - The Walton and Johnson Show

Radio Ad #8 - The Walton and Johnson Show

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Radio Ad #6 - The Walton and Johnson Show

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I don't do plumbing, just a lot of hassle us just something I don't do. Yeah. You act like you just don't do it because you don't want to, but you can't. You don't know anything about it and you're just going to make problems instead of solving them. What I do is I have plumbing done by Nick's Plumbing. I know a guy and that's your old buddy nick. Don't do it. Haven't done They got the website. I'm sure there's other plumbers name nick, but got the site first and they do all your residential, your commercial plumbing from the smallest leaky faucet to the entire water sewer system. Oh yeah. They can do a little service for you or they can do repairs or they can do full installation and they are licensed course background checks, background checks. We highly trained and experienced technicians becoming your way. You can go to nick or pick up the phone call 713-868-9907 MPL 38548.

Radio Ad #5 - The Walton and Johnson Show

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I don't like to mess with plumbing. Well, for one thing you shouldn't. You don't know anything about it. I hurt my knuckles when the pipe wrench slips off. I get my knees dirty atsa reason. I just keep this number around. Pretty Handy. 713-868-9907 You mean Nick's Plumbing, That's right. All the folks in, you know, it's more than just nick and all the folks over there. Uh, Richard never body at Nick's plumbing says you shouldn't be messing with this stuff. A, you're probably gonna. Make it worse. And then you're gonna have to call Nick's. So just call now. Smallest little leaky faucet all the way up to entire water or sewer, gas, plumbing system replacements and installation since 1979. Family owned and operated, called Nick's first 713-868-9907 And new water heaters, dishwashers. Those are very complicated. So just called Nick's MPL. 38548

Radio Ad #4 - The Walton and Johnson Show

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Nick's Plumbing, the name says it all. What they do is plumb, and I can personally tell you that these people are the ultimate professionals in the plumbing business, at least in this area. I don't know if they got better plumbers in New York or California, but nick's plumbing, they, they've been out to my place and they're happy to come see you. Whether it's your home, doesn't matter what it is or your business and whether it's a big job or a job or you're maybe just your waters not working right. Maybe a gas plumbing system is wrong or maybe your sewers messed up or maybe you needed a new hot water heater. It's a lot of maybes in there. Whatever mix plumbing can fix them. All. Family owned that says a lot. Operated and owned and operated since 1979. Nick's everybody know around here they go way back. You want to get the house repiped call 713-868-9907 I don't really want to, but I might need to. He wants to, but you have to. online. MPL. 38548

Radio Ad #3 - The Walton and Johnson Show

Radio Ad Transcription:

There's two kinds of plumbers in this world, the people that think they're plumbers, and then there's nick's plumbing and sewer services because they know what they're doing. None other words. There's only nick pretty much because if you try this, you're just going to make it worse and then nick's going to have to come in and do even more work now, whether it's your home or whether it's commercial, your business, the best plumbing, service, repairs and installations are done by Nick's. Everything from the smallest leaky faucet all the way up to, uh, get over here. I think I've got some kind of terrible problem. Help the water's rising. Quick licensed background check plumbing technicians with a lot of experience. And of course family owned and operated since way back. 1979. Nick's plumbing has been taken care of Houston and surrounding areas. They can even do the repiping and sewer services. Hot Water heater and dishwashers too. That's 713-868-9907 or nick MPL, 38548

Radio Ad #2 - The Walton and Johnson Show

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I don't like to do my own plumbing. It's it's not advised I bust. My knuckles I get my pants dirty. It's just even if you're wondering weird people that does like to do your own plumbing, please don't. I mean you're just gonna to make it worse and then sooner or later you're going to have to call Nick's so call Nick's now and save yourself the headache, the smallest leaky faucet. Job Up to. Hello, nick. My home is underwater. I don't know what the deal is. Changed a lot over the years, but the number you call the people you call hasn't. It's still Nick's Plumbing and sewer services family owned and operated since 1979. That's right. They go way back. 713-868-9907 And of course now with the web, Pretty easy to remember whether it's a new water heater or you want to have the whole house re-pipe Nick's up for it. Nicks, your friend Nicks, your buddy, especially when you need plumbing work. on the web. Take a look at it. MPL 38548

Radio Ad #1 - The Walton and Johnson Show

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Our friends over at Nick's Plumbing and sewer services, even though you hate to talk about stuff like sewer this time of morning on the radio, it's the whole Nick's team over to my place. A major job or a minor job. I considered it pretty major because it was at your house, but the pros that Nick's Plumbing just looked at it like, eh, no biggie. We got this. No problem. Nick's plumbers are licensed background checked, highly experienced technicians, so they do all the repairs and installations from a little leaky faucet all the way up to entire water, sewer or gas, plumbing system replacements. Family owned family operated since way back. 1979. So whether you needed a new water heater and an entire house repiped call 713-868-9907 What was that number again?713-868-9907 or it pretty easy right here. MPL. 38548.

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