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High Quality Tankless Water Heaters in Houston

Tankless Water Heaters in Houston

If you’re looking to save money on your energy bills and add the convenience of “on-demand” hot water to your home, call the tankless water heaters in Houston experts at Nick's Plumbing. The water heater is easily one of the most important appliances in your home. Hot water is crucial for so many of the day-to-day tasks in our homes that we sometimes take it for granted. We need hot water for cooking, cleaning, and showering, and some of us even heat our homes with it.

Before every home had a water heater, families boiled pots of water over an open flame and moved them one-at-a-time to the bathtub until it was full. Tank-type (or storage) water heaters were developed in the 1860s in Pennsylvania, and although the radio, television and automobile industries were developed and flourished over the ensuing decades; water heater technology remained completely unchanged for close to one hundred years.

During the late 1990s, the tankless water heater began its rise to prominence as the most requested new construction plumbing appliance. There are a lot of good reasons for the tankless water heater’s resounding popularity. With features like on-demand hot water, endless hot water, and greatly increased efficiency over their tank-type predecessors; it won’t be long before tankless water heater installation becomes the new standard.


Tankless water heaters are far more efficient than their predecessors, simply because they lack the need to keep a giant tank of water hot all the time.

Tankless water heaters employ what is called an “on-demand” hot water system. What this means is that when you activate a hot water tap in your home with a tankless water heater, only the water you are currently using is heated.

Tankless water heaters offer greatly increased efficiency as they are not required to keep a forty-gallon tank full of water hot twenty-four hours a day. Since your tankless water heaters can produce hot water “on-demand”, it is only heating the water you are currently using. When you turn off the hot water tap, the tankless water heater stops heating water, helping to reduce your energy costs.

Tankless water heaters, when installed and maintained properly, are known to have a lifespan of over twenty years. Many tankless water heater manufacturers offer warranties of up to fifteen years for their products, with one company; Noritz, offering a twenty-five-year warranty on some models.


While there is nothing inherently wrong with the design of the tank-type water heater, they are incredibly inefficient. It takes a lot of energy to keep a forty-gallon or larger tank of water hot twenty-four hours a day, which results in wasted money through increased energy bills.

A major flaw of tank-type water heaters that results in their limited lifespan, is the fact that they begin to fail immediately after being installed. Here in Houston, the mineral-rich (hard) water that we have begins to eat away at any exposed metal in the tank as soon as it is filled for the first time.

Over time, and without proper maintenance, mineral deposits start to form at the bottom of the tank. This rock-like sediment effectively blocks the heating elements from having direct contact with the water they are supposed to heat. Most tank-type water heaters have a lifespan of just seven to ten years under ideal conditions; the exposure to hard water and a lack of maintenance can easily cut that lifespan in half.


Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services has been performing water heater installation in Houston since 1979.

Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services send only licensed, experienced and fully background checked plumbing technicians to your home.

Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services operates over fifteen fully stocked trucks to make sure they have the right parts for your water heater repair or water heater installation service call.

Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services works with major tankless water heater manufacturers like Navien, Noritz, and Rennai to bring you the latest in plumbing technology.

Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services provides our plumbing technicians with ongoing training on the latest tankless technology.

Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services knows that it’s hard to say goodbye to your old water heater, regardless of how many years you had together. While you cherish those memories, you can enjoy the comfort, convenience, and efficiency a tankless water heater installation brings to your home.

With over one-hundred and fifty-thousand satisfied customers, Nick’s wants to be your plumbing company.

Call Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services today for a free estimate or free second opinion on your upcoming tankless water heater installation.

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