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Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services not only been providing plumbing services in Houston Heights since 1979, Houston Heights is where we have been based since the beginning. Our long-time reputation in the community is due to their unending commitment to not only excellent, timely service, but to ensuring your sewer, water or gas line plumbing issues are handled right the first time by our trained and licensed plumbers.

Houston Heights was founded in 1891 as Texas’ earliest planned community. The Heights was declared its own city in 1896, and was later annexed by the city of Houston in 1918. Houston Heights is well known for its variety of architectural styles throughout the community dating back to the early 1900’s.

Houston Heights got its start when the Omaha Texas Land Company; owned by Oscar Martin Carter and run by Daniel Denton Cooley, came to Houston to purchase land to start a new town. In 1891, the company purchased 1,756 acres northwest of Houston, with an elevation 23 feet higher than that of downtown Houston. That higher elevation was important to the success of the Heights.

Downtown Houston’s lower elevation near the coast was an area where mosquitoes were everywhere and yellow fever, malaria and cholera outbreaks common (and most often fatal). As the city of Houston grew, developers were working to solve the mosquito issue with improved sanitation and water delivery systems. Developers began to look at the areas just north of downtown Houston, which being at the higher elevation seemed to have less of a mosquito problem. Hence, the Heights area became a popular location for Houston’s first suburb at the turn of the twentieth century.

The Carter and Cooley owned company constructed streets, sidewalks, and utility systems throughout the Heights. Electric streetcars were available for Heights residents who worked downtown. By 1918, Houston Heights had its own schools, city hall, jail, fire department and hospital. In November of 1918, residents of Houston Heights voted to be annexed by the city of Houston to access a broader tax base for its school funding. As part of the annexation agreement, Houston Heights kept it’s “dry ordinance”, which banned the sale of alcohol in most of the neighborhood. This ordinance remains in place today.

In recent years, Houston Heights has undergone a revitalization. Modern buildings are being constructed on vacant lots using traditional details that allow them to blend in with the older homes in the neighborhood. The retail areas surrounding West 19th Street are being upgraded to include multi-family dwellings, along with new and exciting restaurants and shops promising to draw people from all over the Texas to the Houston Heights.

Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services have been providing plumbing services in Houston Heights since 1979. Our trained, licensed and fully background-checked staff of technicians are ready to help you tackle all your plumbing needs. From repairing a leaky toilet or kitchen faucet all the way up to a whole-house gas, sewer and water re-piping, let the Houston Heights plumbing experts of Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services help you get the job done right.

Nick’s Popular Plumbing Services in Houston Heights:

Faucet Repair
Clogged Sink Repair
Garbage Disposal Repair
Water Heater Installation
Sewer Line Repair
Gas Line Installation

Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services prides itself on the cleanliness of our plumbing technicians. In addition to resembling Greek gods (with absolutely ZERO “plumber’s crack”), our techs wear protective foot coverings, use drop cloths, and will leave your home looking like they were never there.

When it’s time to call in the professionals, it’s time to call the plumbing services in Houston Heights professionals at Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services.

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