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Nick’s Plumbing has offered superior plumbing services to the Greater Houston Area since 1979. Located in The Heights, Nick’s Plumbing cares about treating customers ethically and about supporting the communities in which we live and work. We bring top quality and values to every job we do. Our main concern is your satisfaction! For all your Houston plumbing issues, big and small, call Houston’s Best… We’re on the way!

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Drinking Water System Available

Water Purification - Yaia Our Mission was to create a filtration system that delivers the healthiest water possible. This goal was achieved by meeting Three important standards: 1. Maintaining Neutral pH, 2. Purifying the water, 3. Preserving the natural essential minerals. Healthy water provides the foundation for a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. Call Yaia and reclaim nature's perfect fuel for your body, delivered right from your tap!
Experience the healthiest, best tasting water on the planet and invest in your family's wellness for pennies!

Automatic Back Yard Misting System

Eliminates Mosquitos, Spiders. Fleas, Ticks, Roaches, Wasps, Flies, Gnats and other bugs that eat plants.
We Use Pyrethrum
It is one of the most commonly used non-synthetic insecticides allowed in certified organic agriculture. The flowers are dried, then crushed and mixed with water.
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