Smart Faucets: What They Are, Benefits & Best Options

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A Complete Introduction to Smart Faucet Technology

So far, in our recent run of blogs geared toward plumbing technology, we’ve introduced you to Smart ShowersSmart Thermostats, and even a Smart Water Valve that can automatically shut of the flow of water into your home. In keeping our blogs on top of the latest innovative home technology products, we present to you the Smart Faucet.

What are Smart Faucets?

You’ve probably encountered the most basic form of smart faucets anytime you’ve washed your hands in a public bathroom. For decades, these faucets have used infrared technology to allow you to turn on water flow simply by moving your hand in front of them. Not having to touch the sink or faucet to wash your hands can cut the spread of bacteria by up to 85%, which in our post-Covid 19 world is a critical feature.

These days, smart faucets have moved into our homes, setting up residence in the kitchen, allowing you to use voice commands to run the water, turn it off, and even control the water temperature.

What Tricks Can My Smart Faucet Do?

Anytime a new technology is brought to market, the first thing folks want to know is, “what can it do that its predecessor could not?” With a smart faucet, some of the features that set it apart from standard manual faucets are remote controllability, temperature adjustment, and providing precisely measured amounts of water. Do you only need 2 cups of water for a recipe? You can ask your kitchen faucet to dispense exactly that amount of water, or anywhere from 4 ounces to 5 gallons. Some smart taps can even accurately dispense small amounts of water down to a tablespoon.

What are the Benefits of Smart Faucets?

  • Hands-Free Operation: Use motion or touch on any part of the faucet or use your voice to start and stop water flowing from the kitchen tap. Keep fingerprints, dirt, and food waste away from your sink faucet, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.
  • Preset Your Temperature: All the smart faucets currently available allow you to preset the temperature of the water that flows from it. Water temperature can be set manually by placing the hot/cold mixing lever in the desired position, or you can adjust the temperature using the app.
  • Reduced Utility Bills: Having a water control system that delivers only the necessary amount of water can significantly reduce monthly water waste. Running the faucet for just 30 seconds before washing your hands can waste as much as a gallon of water. It may not seem like a lot but consider how many people wash their hands in your home and how many times a day they do it. That waste adds up fast.

What are the Most Popular Smart Faucets for Summer 2021?

Delta Voice IQ Smart Faucet: (Several Models, $429 – $625)


Simply touch it with your hand or any part of your arm to turn it on and off, an incredibly convenient feature to have, especially when your hands are covered in food. Temperature control on the Delta Trinsic (and the other models in the Voice IQ product line) is limited to the temperature lever setting on your faucet. Leaving the level at its center position is a good safety measure to help keep children from scalding themselves in water that’s too hot.  

You’re going to need an electrical outlet nearby to hook up your Delta Smart Faucet, as well as a place to hang a power supply and the 6 AA batteries that are needed to activate the “touch on/touch off” functions. If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink, you’re in luck, as there’s already a power outlet close to the sink. As with all the smart kitchen faucets listed here, the Delta Voice IQ system interacts with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so that you can issue voice commands for your faucet.

Moen Sleek U Pulldown Faucet (Several Models, $249 – $459)


Moen has been at the forefront of smart home technology with the introduction of the Flo® by Moen water valve. Now, the same company that can turn off your water supply automatically and without human intervention when you spring a leak adds smart faucets to their roster. Their Sleek U® faucet comes in several colors (matte black, chrome, and steel are the best-sellers) and offers voice control (via Alexa, Google, and Siri), along with dispensary control Moen app, and regular manual operation.

Like most other smart faucets, the Moen Sleek U has a front-facing sensor built-in that allows you to turn the tap on and off with hand gestures. Moen’s “Power Boost” mode gives you increased water flow at a higher pressure to help dislodge food waste and other debris from dishes. A unique feature that the other entries don’t yet offer is automatic temperature adjustment via voice commands. Say, “Alexa, pour three cups of water at 120 degrees”, and your Moen Sleek U will put precisely three cups of water into your container at the proper temperature.

Kohler Sensate Smart Faucet (Several Models, $559 – $1,099) 


Available in multiple finishes, the Kohler Sensate Smart Faucet offers the same features of remote water flow control, temperature adjustment, and water usage monitoring. Kohler utilizes their own app, Kohler Konnect, which is also used in their DTV+ Smart Shower and their Vendera Smart Mirror appliances. The Sensate also features a pull-down nozzle with variable pressure water jets and temperature memory. Hence, the water is always exactly as you like it every time you open the tap.

Are you thinking about adding a smart kitchen faucet to your arsenal of smart home appliances? Give Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning a call today and have us install and set up your new smart faucet today. We offer price evaluations for installation, second opinions, and as always, plenty of advice.

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