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Searching For Plumbing Company Near Me In Houston?

Merely ten years ago, if you needed any sort of home repair services, you had to look in the yellow pages to find someone in your area, or you relied on a recommendation from a neighbor. These options often spelled disaster for homeowners, as there was no way to properly screen a company before allowing them into your home to tear apart your walls and plumbing.

Thanks to this new tool known as the internet, we have so much more information available to us regarding the companies we need to perform work in our homes. Services like Yelp and Angie’s List were the pioneers in online business reviews, providing homeowners with the opportunity to find out what other customers in the area have experienced. The downside of these services was the need to go to a specific website and hope that there were enough reviews in your area for multiple companies to help you decide.

Today, the front-runners in the online review business are the same search engines you would use to searching for a plumbing company near me in Houston. Sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo! all use various algorithms to rank local businesses according to popularity (based on how often a business’ website is clicked on), as well as using customer review ratings to determine a company’s place on the list.

Sound confusing? It is! But online reviews are easily THE most important component of a company’s marketing strategy. If your company doesn’t have the ability to consistently earn five-star reviews, your position in the online world will be diminished.

When searching for plumbing companies near me in Houston be sure to look for “quality over quantity” when it comes to online reviews. Quite often, newer companies will have their friends and family (or even their own employees) generate positive reviews online for jobs that never took place. It takes a bit of due diligence and dedication to separate the gold from the dirt, but the payoff will be finding a company that not only does great work, but that you’ll feel good about recommending to someone else.

Every company that has an online presence is eventually going to suffer from “bad review syndrome”. The reality of being involved in any business is that you simply can not please everyone, and sometimes, that can result in what appears to be a rather damning statement about your business. No business owner likes a bad review, and sometimes so much so that they’ll engage a customer in an online argument. While it often makes for extremely entertaining reading material, the sad fact is, once a business owner “loses it” with a dissatisfied customer in an online forum, that business loses credibility.

A better approach, one that we employ here at Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning is to address the issue that led to the negative review. By engaging with the customer to determine where exactly they feel that we went wrong in the process and offer them a solution. In most instances, by using this approach, we’re able to turn what was a negative customer experience in a positive one, and quite often, we earn ourselves a repeat customer for future jobs.

A final tip to help in your search for plumbing companies near me in Houston is to know where the company your looking to do business with is located. Ever since Hurricane Harvey in 2017, there has been an influx of out-of-state companies doing plumbing work in our area. Quite often, these businesses will employ local contractors to complete work for them as opposed to having a local branch office with their own employees.

By using local contractors and operating this type of business model across multiple cities, the company is not able to focus on any individual market. By not having local representation of that company makes it difficult in the future should you need any type of warranty work done.

In conclusion, when you’re searching for a plumbing company near me in Houston, whether you choose Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning or not make sure you properly vet ANY business before having any work done. Get several estimates before making your decision, Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning offers cost evaluations and second (or third) opinions to make the process easier.


Searching For Plumbing Company Near Me In Houston?

Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning Live Video Transcription:

Ready. You got to smile

On today’s show. It’s all about picking a plumbing company near me in Houston.


Oh, John Nichols. Richard side. And today instead of discussing our plumbing services and why you might need them, we’re going to talk about actually picking a plumbing company near me. Absolutely. And I dare you, I dare you. Am I sound a little funny, but the way Richard phrase it is exactly how most people look for plumbing companies in today’s world to hire. They log on the Google, do a search for a plumbing company near me and the look at the name at the top of list. And that’s normally who they’d call first. Yeah, yeah, they do. Which is actually the wrong approach. Google bases their business search engine results on these complicated things called algo rhythms. I say that right? Algo rhythms. There it is. I can’t speak today. For some reason. Algo rhythms, that’s what they base it on as crazy. You guys know what that is?

RD. You have no idea. I don’t really have a good idea and I know quite a bit about it, right? Anybody knows? It appears to things like logarithms are what generates a company’s presence in a search, right? So when you’re looking for a plumbing company near me and, and I pull up, we pull up as an exploring, how does that even work? How does it happen? Right. As to my stuff in the back end. But I will tell you that the search engine will basically give you a rundown of local plumbing companies that do business in your zip code, and then they genuinely ranked them according to their overall ratings across the internet. Okay. So what we think is it’s based on ratings, right? Yes. Reviews. Yes. That’s part of ratings. I would think. I would say that that’s is the writing. That’s right. So it’s interesting when you look into a plumbing company or any, anyone you’re looking to do business with, always look up reviews for that company on multiple sites.

Just don’t go to one. All right. But just don’t go to Yelp companies. We’ll often paper their websites with positive reviews by family and friends for jobs that never occurred. These are generally newer companies that haven’t had the opportunity to establish a solid reputation in the market and need to rely on those. You know, I remember back in the day, 15 years ago, I’m sitting here thinking, how am I going to get reviews? They’re really important 15 years ago and I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Now that I get my friends and family to do it. No, but I just didn’t get any, you know, you ask somebody to go do it and now people aren’t getting referrals anymore. They’re sitting there looking at these things and looking, reading them and going, okay, that must be the truth. Yes. The new referral, it’s the new referral instead of you and I being neighbors. Right. And you asked me, Hey it, who are you using to do this? They’re not talking to anymore. It’s weird. It is odd. It’s odd. You know? So it’s interesting

When you go to these reviews though, looking for quantity over quality, when written on long reviews for any business, don’t be overly impressed by two or three stunning reviews for a company. If that’s all you can find out about them online, then maybe that’s not what you’re looking for.

I would say it’s not what you’re looking for. I would say it’s a newer company. Right. Or they don’t know what they’re doing. Yeah.

I mean you definitely want to look for businesses that have a proven track record. We’re not saying that they have to be in the business for 40 years like us, but they definitely need to be around long enough to have at least built and earned a reputation. Yeah.

But then some people are going to actually say, how do you earn a reputation if you’re new, just like credit. It’s tough in that. Yeah. It just takes time. And some people are going to say, well, you’ve got to give people a chance. Well then good. If you do that, you’ll give them a review. Yeah. And that’s how they’re going to build it. Right. So a lot of companies and consumers as well think that five star reviews are the be all and end all right. They think that it’s absolutely, this company is going to be the best. But in saying that we are human, we make mistakes. If you guys go look at our reviews, we’ve got a lot of reviews. We are a five star reviewed company, right? We’ve got what? Over 600 now just on Google. But we do make mistakes and what we tell our people is don’t go to the internet and complain and, and give us a one star cause you’re unhappy about something that’s easily fixable.

Give us a chance to fix that first, right? Yeah, absolutely. So occasionally three and a half or four star reviews. Okay. You’ll see those. Right? but you’re not giving the company the opportunity also to fix that. That needs to an opportunity to be able to get fixed. Can’t please everybody. And don’t forget that even though you’re going to ask John, that drives me nuts. I really try and I try hard, right? I really do. But we’re at the mercy of a lot of people here that do make mistakes. And again, we’re human. We’re allowed to make mistakes. But when you’re unhappy, reach out. So these new companies are trying to build their reputation, they do something wrong and reach out to him, tell him in any industry, not just plumbing. You know,

When we’re talking about this real fast about the reviews and in how we try to get them and how we try to maintain them. You know, one thing that I’m going to stress about, we’re not perfect and we’re not, we make mistakes all the time. Let me tell you what we, we do. Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning is a, when it comes to our reviews, if we see one that’s in not yeah, we call and we want to talk to the customer. And we’ve found out that most of the times they haven’t given us a chance to correct a problem. First up, right? So if you are one of our customers and you have a problem before going online, I urge you to call and give us a chance to make it right. Because we do realize that we’re not perfect, but when we are less than perfect, we’re going to take that second opportunity to absolutely make the experience super perfect for you because our reputation is the most important thing to us.

Now. the idea of the review process though, at least for Nick’s, is that while we love, you know, positive attention and reinforcement, we also need to be reminded if we screw up. And that’s what that kind of talks about is we need you sometimes to give us a heads up prior, you know, none of them are wrong. We’re going to see it after the fact we’re going to call you anyway. But I guarantee you if you have an issue, if you call us prior to going out there to the and say, Hey look, y’all were just out here before I leave my review, I want to let you know it wasn’t the best experience. You know what we do? We were going to make it the best experience, I promise, right? Yeah. Promise.

Yeah. Right. If something needs to be done over and he used to be done different

Or we will get that done. And you know, as a consumer when I read reviews, that’s how I kind of look at them. You know, obviously I’m leery of someone that has, you know, just like we’re saying, I look for someone that has quantity. I want them to have plenty of reviews for what I’m looking for. Then they have to meet some sort of a level of star. I’m not going to go to a two star company, but if they’re up there where I need them to be, what I think is acceptable, then I read the reviews and I don’t always read the best ones. The best ones are easy. You want to, you want to know where they mess up. Right, right. And if it’s a consistent mess up about certain things, cause then you read between the lines. And I think we were talking about this the other day. This lady was reviewing a washing machine that I bought my wife and she was mad at the delivery from home Depot. I had nothing to do with the unit. Nothing to do with the lunch. She goes and gives them a one store. Yeah. For no reason. I had nothing to do with the washing machine. It’s called inaccurate thing. So sometimes you just gotta read between the lines and you do, well,

We just got a bad review the other day and he was disseminating false information. Like we charged X and we did not, we, we had two jobs to do at this individual’s house and the first job was cheaper than what he got from the other company. Correct. And he went and bought blog bad about us and he won’t change it. Yeah. And we were actually cheaper. Yeah. And he was mad because the pricing, I mean, the world’s full of crazies. That’s a shocker. But sometimes you need to read a little bit into these reviews. Right. And, and I think it’s funny when owners are people in management sit there and battle with these crazies. Normally it’s a personally owned company where the owner gets way too involved and way too personal. Yeah. And they take it personally and, and sometimes I do take it personal, right.

Because I know I’m dealing with the crazy and you can’t reason with a crazy, I mean, you take it personally behind the scenes. I do. I’ve seen company companies that take it partially on the internet as a response, and that’s really not something that you’re looking to do. I think that’s funny. It’s very unfortunate when that had. It is, it’s funny, it’s, it’s unfortunate. I don’t do it, but you don’t do it. It doesn’t get anywhere. When you do that, once it’s posted, once you’re done, it’s in semen. That’s a get those off. That’s exactly right. It’s there forever. Right? Absolutely. So you guys, when you go post something again, it’s there forever. Yeah. Right. I think the person who posted it has the ability to edit it that I don’t, I never do like getting it removed. As we on a, on a normal basis, we try to make things right and the customers normally tell us they’re going to go ahead and take care of it and yeah.

And revise. I dealt, we did have a customer that absolutely did that and I won’t mention her name, but I really appreciate it. We gave her less than stellar service. She was not happy. We called, we rectified the situation. She told me that she would make it right on the internet and she absolutely did. Which is rare. Yeah, it is rare. It’s rare. Yeah. And we make it right. We will make it right all the time. Now where I think it’s funny though, these smaller companies, you’ll see the owner battling, Oh man. And they get offended and they probably don’t go back or they’re probably trying not to fix anything cause they don’t think they did anything wrong. Well, you have to look at different personalities, right? Your personality, my personality, their personality is different. So you’re trying to figure out that person’s way of thinking, right. What’s creating the issue in their mind for this? And then you just fix it. Yeah. And, but it’s funny seeing these business owners battle. If you don’t have someone to bounce that off of, it can absolutely eat you alive. Because unfortunately, you know, everybody has flaws. Even customers, believe it or not, you know, there’s, there’s times when we read in the reviews, like we were saying earlier, that aren’t accurate or they, they’re not representing what really happened. And and they do it for different reasons. And

When, when you try to battle that, it never ends up. You know, you just never know.

Exactly. That’s why when you read our reviews, you guys, you’ll never see us when these people disseminate wrong information and it’s a down right lie and they’re posting it. You’ll never see us come back and say, Hey, look, you’re lying and you’re doing this and you’re doing that. It’s just you. You can’t win doing that. Yeah. You know, and when you’re reading younger companies that do, do that, typically a losing battle. Absolutely. So keep that in mind. So we’re going to wrap up today. What are we learning today? Finding plumbing companies near me, right? Absolutely. That’s the way a lot of people are Googling, finding the type. I type in plumbing company near me. Right?

So that’s how it’s done. That’s how it’s done. Yeah. But to add to that real fast, it’s important to know where the company also is located, not just where they do business, but where’s their home office? Do they have an office? You know, it might not be important to all, but companies that are owned and operated by the people that are also residents of the city or town they live in. Normally those companies take a little bit more personal approach and they have ties with the community. I don’t know, they just seem to operate a little bit differently than a corporate atmosphere where the corporation is housed, you know, in Tennessee or somewhere else. HIO or something like that versus

Local or they have no office. So you know how many people don’t have an office anymore? Oh yeah. And guess what? The other day you guys go Google this, a $2 million home up in the Woodlands, burnt down last week, 2 million guarantee. One thing the people in there didn’t have an office. Where are you going to get a whole bunch of heartache and problems and a $2 million loss gone plus all your furniture. So you want to work with good companies. You want to bet those companies, right? Make sure that when you Google a plumbing company near me in Houston, that you look, but you also vet them. And that’s what we’re telling you today. Make sure they’ve got enough reviews, make sure they got a brick and mortar shop and makes sure that they’re going to be around tomorrow for when there is a problem. They’re gonna fix the problem no matter what

It is. I would say, especially right now, you know, especially post Harvey for the next year or two, the city has been just had this huge influx of covering two and a half past Harvey now. But man, I’m 10. They’re still here. Oh yeah. Fly by nights are still here. Yeah. Oh yeah. There’s a huge amount of slamming people left and right. I’m telling you, you know, it’s, it’s something to be wary of. And like you said, I think it’s best just to know that they’re gonna be around to honor their warranties, that they’re there, that they’re going to honor their work and all that kind of stuff. .

So that’s why going to the internet internet and vetting companies like ours is extremely important for you to do. Not just in plumbing, all the trades. Go to the internet for all the trades and make sure and vet them. Because I can promise you one thing, that $2 million house that burned up last week, most people had no insurance. They’re not going to get any money and their insurance is going to have problems even paying the couple that their house burnt down. Yeah. And plumbing license law. The plumbing license is safe and we’ll see. People don’t realize we’re, we’re like Superman. We were a capes. You don’t want to go to a third world country and drink the water. Tell me how you feel afterwards.

We’re going to be all right. The consequences are today with no licensing that might happen here. The consequences are to die or people, you know, most, some people know, some people don’t. You know, we protect the water, the gas. There’s a lot of things that go into it. Just like there’s a lot of things that go into considering when you’re picking your plumbing company. That’s right. So when you type in plumbing company near me, you find us. Go look at the reviews. We’re going to be there to fix your problem. Absolutely. Call us any questions, concerns, and we’ll see you next week. See you next week.

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