Are Broken Water Pipes Covered by Insurance?

A common question we hear from our customers is whether their homeowner’s insurance policy will cover broken pipes and the damage they may cause.

The Answer: Yes; in most cases, your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the emergency repair of broken water pipes and the damage caused to your home and personal property.

That last statement comes with a caveat, though. If your broken water pipe claim is a “sudden occurrence,” an insurance company will almost always cover the damage claim. If you knew of an ongoing leak or issue with the now broken pipe, you might find yourself paying for that damage yourself.

Here’s a little more information from our experts, about the types of insurance coverage available, and what the varying types of policies will cover.


Types of Water Damage Insurance Coverage:

Broken pipes are not the only reason you may find yourself with significant water damage. There are several plumbing fixtures in your home that can cause severe damage when they fail, including water heaters, toilets, bathtubs, and washing machines.

Insurance companies generally offer two types of policies that can financially assist you with water damage resulting from these issues.

Dwelling Coverage – Your homeowner’s policy will include a section titled Dwelling Coverage (or Coverage A), for the repair or complete rebuilding of a structure if an acceptable hazard caused the water damage.

Personal Property Coverage – Your homeowner’s policy will also include a section titled Personal Property Coverage (or Coverage C). This part of the policy covers all your personal belongings, such as furniture, home accessories, electronics, and more.

Homeowner’s insurance does a great job of covering a lot of water damage situations but doesn’t cover them all. To avoid the disappointment and financial loss of a denied insurance claim, always keep your plumbing adequately maintained.

Types of Water Damage Insurance Does Not Cover:

Neglected Plumbing Maintenance– If the water damage is a direct result of neglect, the insurance company will deny the claim. If the loss comes from a long-term leak, like a running toilet or sink, insurance will not cover the damage. These are issues that should have already been located and repaired, utilizing a proper maintenance schedule.

Sewer Backup from Outside Drains
– Standard homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover water damage occurring from outdoor sewer drain backups. Most insurance companies offer additional coverage for this kind of damage, for an additional fee.

Natural Floods– Your standard homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover damage caused by natural flooding. You MUST have additional flood insurance to be covered for any damage caused by a flood from any source.

How to Help Prevent Water Damage:

In addition to your home’s plumbing, the roof, gutters, windows, and doors are all areas where water damage can occur. When it comes to the plumbing in your home, the most effective way of preventing water damage from happening is to schedule a professional plumbing inspection from a licensed plumbing company at least every two years. Having a routine plumbing inspection can locate problems before they become disasters.

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