Why is my Garbage Disposal Humming?

Is Your Garbage Disposal Humming?

Anyone that has owned a home for a few years or more has wondered why is my garbage disposal humming and not working. The sound of a humming garbage disposal is a common residential plumbing problem that can have multiple causes, but in most cases, is easily fixed.

In this blog, we will guide you through the various causes of garbage disposals humming as well as some ways to repair it.


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What is the Humming in my Garbage Disposal?

The humming sound coming from your non-functioning garbage disposal is the sound of the motor as it attempts to turn the blades. The humming noise is a sign that the disposal is getting power, but something is preventing the blades from turning.


Common Causes of Garbage Disposal Humming

The most common cause for humming coming from your garbage disposal is that something is stuck inside. Unfortunately, many homeowners use their garbage disposals to grind up chicken bones and skin, so it’s common for these items to get wedged between the disposal blades.

While it’s usually food by-products that cause your garbage disposal to get stuck and hum, it’s also common for random objects to fall in as well. These items could include a small utensil, bottle cap, coin, or maybe your child accidentally threw a toy in there. Whatever is stuck is going to have to be removed to free up the blades to get your disposal working again.


Garbage Disposal Safety Reminder

No matter what it is that’s causing your garbage disposal to stick and hum, every homeowner needs to be aware that the garbage disposal can be a dangerous appliance. Always turn off the garbage disposal before doing any repair or maintenance, and always be sure to use appropriate safety measures when working around the blades.

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How to Fix Humming Garbage Disposal

Below you will find a list of suggestions for fixing your humming garbage disposal. Once again, we cannot stress enough that you must turn off the garbage disposal before attempting these repairs.

Remove Stuck Item from Garbage Disposal– With the disposal unplugged, try using a set of tongs to remove the object. Only reach your hand inside the disposal if necessary, and be sure to wear a glove to protect you from the blades.

Use an Allen Wrench to Fix Garbage Disposal– Once you are confident that there isn’t any food or foreign objects stuck inside the garbage disposal, the next step will be to turn the rotor manually. Most garbage disposal brands come with an Allen wrench that you insert underneath the unit and can rock back and forth to free any jam.

Disposal Reset Button– There is also a chance the garbage disposals reset button has been tripped and simply needs to be reset. Just locate the small button that is usually on the bottom of the disposal and press it. That alone could very well fix the problem.


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Is it Time to Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

If you have attempted all the suggestions above to repair your humming garbage disposal and it still hums, you’re most likely going to need a new unit. At this point, it would be wise to contact a licensed plumber near you.

If you’re in Houston or the surrounding areas, you can call the trusted plumbing professionals at Nick’s Plumbing and Air Conditioning Services. Our experienced and licensed plumbers are highly trained in garbage disposal installation and are

ready to help.

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