Houston Water Heater Maintenance

Fall is the time of year when the leaves change, the weather turns cooler, the holiday season begins, and your water heater starts to work a lot harder than it did over the summer.

Yes, it is true that your water heater works hard every day to provide your family with hot water for your cooking and cleaning needs. But in the winter, your water heater has a more difficult job because it is working against the weather to provide that hot water.


Why Is It Harder for My Water Heater to Work in the Winter?

Water heaters are most commonly installed in attics or garages, two areas of the home that are not regulated by your HVAC system. During the warmer months, your water heater has the benefit of the ambient heat around it to assist in keeping your water hot, which results in the water heater doing less work.

When the weather turns cold, and your attic or garage goes from an average temperature of ninety degrees down to thirty or forty, not only do YOU feel the difference, so does your water heater! The water heater must maintain the temperature of your hot water (usually around 120 degrees) in a forty-gallon tank. This means that the water heater must run a lot more in order to replace the heat lost to the cold ambient temperatures.

Another factor that contributes to the increased workload on your water heater is that the temperature of the water supply is much colder in the fall and winter months. Add that to the fact that hot water use always goes up in the colder months (what feels better than a long, hot shower on a winter morning?), and its not surprising that we see an upswing in water heater repair calls early in the colder season.

What Can I Do to Prevent Water Heater Problems in the Winter?

Since our water heaters are usually out of sight, they tend to also be out of mind, and we don’t think about them until they cause a problem. Like any piece of machinery, your water heater requires regular water heater maintenance in Houston to be able to operate effectively and eficiently.

Our licensed and experienced plumbing technicians will inspect the electrical components of your gas water heater, including any switches and the thermostat, for signs of wear and corrosion. Inspection of the gas burner, gas lines, and all associated fittings follows, along with inspection of the tank for signs of rust or leaks. We also check the condition of your anode rod, a sacrificial piece of metal designed to rust away to protect your gas water heater tank.

Let Nick’s Plumbing and Air Conditioning Services take the worry out of your winter with a water heater maintenance in Houston service call before there’s a problem.

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