Quirky & Hilarious Bathroom Gift Ideas

We all have that one friend, relative, or co-worker that is almost impossible to find the perfect gift for. Every year you can see the disappointment in their face as they open another ugly sweater or a Chia Pet. What if you could finally get that person something as truly unique and original as they are?

This article is not going to help you at all in your quest. What we are going to do is point out a bunch of cool gift ideas that aren’t just practical and bathroom-centric; they’re a lot of fun as well!

Let’s find out what Santa is stocking his sleigh with this holiday season.

LumiLux 16 Color LED Toilet Light with Motion Sensor. (19.49 for a 2-Pack)

LumiLux 16 Color LED Toilet Light with Motion Sensor LumiLux 16 Color LED Toilet Light with Motion Sensor

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I’m going to address the men reading this post, just for a second.

This is a product that ALL of us wish already existed every time we sleepily shuffle into the bathroom at 3:30 am, hoping to hit our target. No one wants to throw on a bright overhead light in the middle of the night, and nightlights that remain on all night can keep us awake.

The LumiLux motion-activated toilet light takes the guesswork out of late-night visits to the loo. A built-in sensor detects not only motion but also body heat, so the light doesn’t go out while you’re in mid-stream! The bright LED light is held in place with an adjustable hook beneath the toilet seat, attaching to the rim. With a choice of 16 different colors, the LumiLux includes a “carousel” effect that continuously changes the LED colors and a 5-stage dimmer to customize brightness. LumiLux’s website advertises the product as being “fun for the whole family” and great for making trips to the restroom “a lot more entertaining.”

Bunkerwall 17 Pocket Shower Curtain and Waterproof Tablet/Phone Holder. ($22.99)

Bunkerwall 17 Pocket Shower Curtain Waterproof Tablet/Phone Holder

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For some folks, shower or bath time is seen as a prime opportunity to get away from the constant intrusions of daily life. Who among us hasn’t taken an extra-long shower or soaked in a steamy bubble bath just to get away from their children, or spouses, or parents, even if just for a few minutes? What if we told you it was possible to keep up with your favorite streaming TV show, check your email, even make a video call from your shower (we’ll leave that last one to your discretion)?

The Bunkerwall shower curtain liner replaces your current liner and replaces it with a platform on which to stage a multi-media in-shower experience. Each of the 17 pockets can hold a smartphone or tablet, either vertically or horizontally, making it easy to watch videos while soaking in the tub.

BigMouth Inc.’s Potty Piano. ($24.99)

BigMouth Inc.’s Potty PianoBigMouth Inc.’s Potty Piano

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Has someone in your family always dreamed of being a classical concert pianist?

Well, this product isn’t going to bring them any closer to that dream, but if you need something fun to do while you number two, try “tinkling” the ivories from the toilet. The Potty Piano is a 13-note keyboard built into a vinyl-wrapped mat that sits at the base of your commode with a row of large “keys” that you play with your feet. The Potty Piano is advertised as including an instructional songbook, but after an exhaustive search of the internet, I couldn’t find out what songs are included.

I’m going to learn “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” and “All Things Must Pass.”

FlexiSnake – The Flexible Miniature Drain Snake. ($8.99)

FlexiSnake – The Flexible Miniature Drain Snake FlexiSnake – The Flexible Miniature Drain Snake

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Instantly unclog bathroom drains with a FlexiSnake Millipede pipe cleaning tool. FlexiSnake has a flexible steel core that follows the bend of your drainpipes and is covered with over 4,000 microhooks that grab onto hair and other drain clogs. With an uncoiled length of up to 24 inches, the FlexiSnake is long enough to eliminate blockages in your P-traps and help get those stubborn clogs out of the way. It also includes a hand-crank to allow you to rotate the clog to help break it apart.

Firebox Underwater Disco Bath Light. ($13.99)

Firebox Underwater Disco Bath Light Firebox Underwater Disco Bath Light

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Finding it a challenge to convince your kids to get into the bathtub? Want to set a calming atmosphere during a relaxing soak? Toss a couple of these multi-colored waterproof lights into the water and turn your bathroom into Studio 54 for less than $15. These dazzling, battery-operated, and completely waterproof lights offer bathers multiple flashing patterns to match the beat of your music. The unique bulb shape allows the Firebox to cast colorful shapes into all corners of your bath space.

Don’t fall into the holiday trap of handing out fruitcakes and re-gifted socks ‘cause you’re fresh out of unique gift ideas? All of the gifts on our list are less than $20 each, and you give them all for less than $100!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning.

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