Outdoor Plumbing Installation in Houston

Article Date: 6/24/2019 | Posted By Nick

Outdoor Plumbing Installation in Houston

Summer is officially here, and in Houston, that means spending a lot more time outdoors. With the heat and humidity we have to contend with for six months or more out of the year, having access to water on the outside of our homes is crucial to our comfort and convenience.

It wasn’t that long ago that your backyard irrigation system consisted of a single spigot in the backyard with a lonely garden hose. This one hose was used for watering lawns, washing cars, cleaning your driveway and even providing the neighborhood kids with a lukewarm drink in the middle of the afternoon.

Within the last couple of decades, outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular, utilizing complete gas and plumbing fixtures. Most new home construction includes provisions for adding outdoor gas and plumbing fixtures, and retrofitting an existing home is easier than ever. Outdoor plumbing fixtures, for both gas and water services are much easier to install at the time a home is built. Many homes today are built on top of concrete slabs, and unless service lines are provided during construction, there is considerable cost associated with the necessary excavation and repairs.

The concept of delivering gas and water through outdoor plumbing fixtures is identical to the way these services are provided inside the home. What makes it a bit more challenging is the necessary routing of supply, drain and gas lines through the concrete and underneath elaborate landscaping.

The most popular outdoor plumbing features, of course are swimming pools and sprinkler systems. Plumbing companies are not usually involved in the installation of these systems, except to provide access to water supply and drain lines. Installations of sprinklers and swimming pools are typically handled by independent contractors.

With the advent of easily accessible water supply outside your home, decorative features like fountains, waterfalls and even koi ponds are simple to install, and require little maintenance beyond the occasional cleaning.

Outdoor plumbing fixtures, for both gas and electric, require a little more attention than their indoor counterparts, particularly when cold weather arrives. Water supply lines that are located outdoors without any protective insulation are susceptible to freezing in temperatures under 25 degrees. This includes water supply lines to your sprinkler systems, which need to be bled and de-pressurized before the winter.

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