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Plumbing Company vs. Plumber

Article Date: 7/13/2017 | Posted By Nick

Plumbing Company vs. Plumber

In the State of Texas, it is illegal for anyone that is a licensed plumber to advertise, offer, to perform, or provide plumbing services without owning a plumbing company. To own or operate a plumbing company you must have a Responsible Master Plumbers License (RMP). Without this designation, you do not have a company.

Furthermore, a person without a lower level plumbing license is called a handyman. If you allow work in your house that is not performed by a plumbing company and damage occurs, (i.e. Flooding, fire, mold from plumbing) you will have no recourse. Your insurance company will first look to see if the damage occurred through a plumbing company and if not, the insurance company will have every right not to pay the claim due to your decision to not use a plumbing company.

Don't take any chances with your hard earned money and home. Call a plumbing company.

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