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Professional Plumbing Inspections in Houston

Plumbing Inspections in Houston

You may think a plumbing inspection in Houston is a waste of money.

Did you know that a single broken pipe in a wall or ceiling can cause tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in just minutes? It won’t just your pipe that needs replacing, but also your rugs, wood floors, drywall, and priceless mementos. Most professional plumbing companies will tell you that a home’s plumbing should be inspected once every two years to avoid this kind of costly scenario.

Normal wear and tear, as well as the simple settling of your house, can wreak havoc on your pipes and other plumbing fixtures. As rust and corrosion settle into older, galvanized pipes, it can lead to discolored water and strange smells from your faucets. Built-up grease, hair and other dirt in your pipes will coagulate and make it difficult for wastewater to drain properly out of your home.

What Will a Plumbing Inspection in Houston Tell Me?

A thorough plumbing inspection in Houston, performed by a licensed plumber can alert you to early warning signs of plumbing failures. Every exposed water line and connection are checked for leaks and signs of wear or corrosion. Water heater and washing machine connections are checked, as is every faucet, spigot, and valve inside and outside of your home. If our technician detects anything that needs attention, we will provide a free on-the-spot estimate for any needed repairs.

How Do I Know If I Need a Plumbing Inspection in Houston?

Many plumbing problems occur inside of the walls or beneath the floors of our homes, making them difficult if not impossible to detect. Decreased water pressure, rattling pipes, sewage backing up into your toilet or tub drains are all visible signs that you have a plumbing issue, and you need a plumbing inspection in Houston!

Are you thinking about buying a new home? Call Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services to perform a complete inspection of your potential home’s plumbing system. Sure, the handyman who performs your whole-house inspection also checks your plumbing, but he’s not an expert in plumbing. Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services has been the plumbing inspection in Houston experts since 1979. With over forty years of experience, Nick’s Plumbing has the right people with the right tools for any plumbing task!

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