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Protecting Pipes from Freezing Weather in Houston

Article Updated 12/12/19 | Posted By Nick

Protecting Pipes from Freezing Weather in Houston

Protecting Pipes From Freezing in Houston?!

As you're reading this article, no matter what time of the year it is, the residents of Houston are probably sweating. Homeowners still need to remember that the brief winter Houston endures occasionally gets below freezing, and they need to know how to protect their plumbing.

When Should I Have My Plumbing Winterized?

October through November is the best time to make sure your home's plumbing can survive a harsh winter in Houston. If water freezes, it expands and can easily crack an older pipe. You'll notice a decrease in your water flow, and when it thaws, you'll most likely have a seriously damaging water leak to deal with.

We suggest that for people who will be away for an extended time traveling, or people who have vacant upper stories in the home, it's especially important to have a plumber come out and winterize the house. To save money on bills, it's common to lower or shut off a home's thermostat in unused areas. This makes plumbing pipes in those areas particularly vulnerable to freezing. If you can imagine returning from a vacation and discovering your precious carpets ravaged by a massive flood caused by a burst plumbing pipe, you would understand the importance of winterizing your home's plumbing.

How To Protect Pipes From Freezing?

A handy homeowner can perform basic winterization steps to protect pipes from freezing, but if you want a more thorough job, you should hire a licensed plumbing company. Most plumbing companies offer a package to winterize your home's plumbing system. A licensed plumber will begin by putting insulation wrap overexposed plumbing pipes in your attic and outside your home. You have to ensure that all types of plumbing pipes, plastic, or metal, that are exposed get insulated. Galvanized pipes are the hardest to fix when they break.

When winterizing the plumbing for homeowners who will be out of town most of the winter, a plumbing company will shut off the water to the home. They'll pour a non-toxic anti-freeze into the traps of your toilets and sinks to stop gaskets from drying out and prevent sewer gas from entering your home. They'll also shut off and drain your water heater for you. Additionally, if winterizing the plumbing of a house with upper levels that are often unoccupied, a plumber might install a convenient shut off valve that the homeowner can easily access.

How Much Does It Cost To Winterize Plumbing?

The cost to winterize your plumbing depends on where you're located in the country, but Nick's Plumbing offers a Winterization Service in Houston, TX for $185. Protecting your plumbing pipes from the winter weather brings with it the security of knowing your home and property will be safe. Schedule your Home Winterization with the licensed plumbers at Nick's Plumbing and let them help protect your pipes from freezing in Houston this year.

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