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Plumbing Cost Guide Part 2

Nick's Plumbing Live Video Transcription:

On today’s show. It’s part two of our plumbing costs guide in Houston.


I’m John Eccles. I’m Richard Saad and on last week show we went over some basic estimates for the plumbing cost of some of the more expensive jobs that we perform here at Nick’s plumbing. If you missed that episode, it’s available on our Facebook page. You can go view that before you watched this one. That’s right. Cause this is going to be a followup show to our cost guide as we tell every potential customer who asked us for a ballpark figure for a job. There are variables that can pop up in any situation for plumbing that will affect the overall pricing. But barring any surprises this show, we’ll give you a reference point of here’s look kind of the parts and labor costs for the smaller jobs. That’s right. You know, so just because on the smaller jobs as much easier to give an accurate estimate because there’s not as near as many variables that really go into it.

Right. I’m going to foster replacements and foster replacement versus a whole house re pipe. You know, how many of this, how many do that? You know what I mean? Much different. It’s much different things. Yeah. A lot more moving parts in the bigger towns solutely so we’re able today to kind of share with you some, let’s give him some go betweens. Right. Right. On some stuff. That’s what we’re going to share today. Yeah. And they can go back to our website, they can look for our costs guide there. Yup. And it’s going to give them some go-betweens that they can say, okay, if I do this, here’s what to expect. Yeah. If I do this, here’s what to expect. Absolutely. Right. You know, but there are some things that we can uh, fixed costs, like a faucet replacement. Usually that’s two 75. Why would it be any different from that? Yeah. Well we’ve got to get the sauce out and cut the old boss it off. Right. Maybe and guys that does happen where water welds itself to underneath that Faucet. If it had been dripping and we can’t get the nuts off. So you actually got to get a saws all underneath that sink and cut it off. Yeah. Yeah. That’s like surgery, so and you’re cramped up in a little tiny space. You’re hanging your hammered up on any of the cabinets trying not to do surgery on herself with a saws all. That’s it. All right, so the first first job of our monitoring plumbing costs, Scott, that we want to kind of talk about garbage disposal repair and replacement, right? Right. Again, garbage balls. Those are probably the plumbing appliance that gets used a lot, probably the most right out of any and they probably get the least amount of tension in terms of maintenance. We expect our garbage disposals to get rid of everything from food waste to body parts and we expected the ass and get them from us in return. Just whenever I flipped the switch. You come here grinding and try.

Fortunately when you start having issues with your garbage disposal, there’s not a lot that can be done in terms of repairs. There aren’t really any service and parts inside of the unit, and since the cost of garbage disposal unit has come down so far over the years, the garbage disposal themselves have become disposable.

They’re really have. Yeah, they’re cheap enough to where, pull it out the wood away. Put a new one then I, unless you’ve got the one I’ve got, which is the stainless steel one horsepower.

Talk about that here in a second because that is the creme dela crib, you know, new garbage disposal units themselves. You know, you can find them a cost wise anywhere from 70 to 300 bucks depending on units. And I’m sure there’s probably some that probably even go a little bit higher than that. Now the price of the units are obviously reflected on the quality of the units. Lower Price, lower priced models will have a lower horsepower rating, meaning they’re not as effective at grinding up heavier waste. Not only a do the more expensive units have more horsepower to break up the tough food, but they also have more parts that are made of stainless steel given the unit a much longer lifespan. You know, that’s not going to be prone to rusting out and needing that replacement.

That’s exactly right. So garbage disposals, right. Then go look online and see what they cost. Yeah, we put a man, you buy it or we buy it and we do both. Right, right. Yeah.

You can have the customer buy it and we just provide the install or we can do a full service full service.

So what’s a go between cost on installation of a garbage disposal without buying it? Yeah. I’m putting in the Garbers suppose the only I think is two 29. Right. And that’s a like for like unit, if you start getting bigger units that have, you know, different, uh, the we were at, we’re going to have to modify drains. Drain works the same. It all lines up. You bought a like for like disposal they, it’s two 29 if I’m not mistaken. Yeah, we can fix that, right? Yeah. But then if you need drain work you didn’t buy like for like you bought a different brand, you bought a different horsepower, they’re lot lining up. Your during would be on top of that. Yeah, yeah. I mean these disposals, I know that sounds silly, but there are a bunch of differences, right? So you’re talking about a one third horsepower all the way up to a one full horsepower, which is the criminal, a criminal you’re talking about, which is basically like a Harley Davidson underneath your sink. You know, just ready to rip and roar. So you’re looking at what, three 50 for the low model for the one 1500 for the high model. For the ones that we like to sell, probably probably four four to 15 somewhere around there. 400 1100 somewhere in that range. Most of our disposals fall between that four and 600 yeah. Yeah. The ones that end, we are not typically using the lowest model. No, we’re not. We’re starting off with a couple models higher. Yes. We don’t recommend the very low models, what we call builder’s grade. Yeah. You know, you get into some of these cookie cutter neighborhoods where these homes are being mass produced and they’re just using one third horse and they’re just slapping him in. Yeah. SNIPSNAP. Yeah. And they do that because it’s cost effective, right? Yeah. They’re, they’re buying these cheaper ones in bulk and they’re probably getting a little bit better of a deal on them in, they’re already cheaper than the rest of them anyway. So that, that’s why they use those and they work. Yeah. You know, and people, I don’t know if you know this or not, a garbage disposal is not required for a home. Right. That is not part of a city code saying that you have to have a garbage disposal. Correct. So technically they don’t even have to put it in the house. All right. Right. [inaudible] and I just touched on something that I want to add to this segment. What is required for a home hot water that’s required and how to wash your hands a sink and how to base those are required. Right. But not a way to grind your food, but not a way to grind your food.

That’s a luxury item. Grind your bones to make my bread. That’s exactly right. So hope this helps you guys. If you’re listening to this, if and you need a garbage disposal or you’re going to need one in the future, so how long will the ones that have stainless steel or the ones that have a non stainless, so let’s say the half horsepower and there’s some three quarters, right? Right. What are we telling people that they last? A manufacturer warranty ranges from three to seven years. That’s right. And excited. I think it’s three, five, seven and you need to use them, especially the non stainless steel. If you don’t, they freeze up. Right. Because they will rust quicker because you’re not using it. It’s correct. That doesn’t mean you have to shove bones in it. It just means you got to turn it on and let it spin.

That’s right. Right. Yeah. Another job on the lower plumbing costs lists that we’re going to take a look at is going to be a toilet installation. Absolutely. But here’s the issue, you guys, they make 10,000 different toilets, right? Right. Now, a lot of these toilets from the same manufacturer will carry the same parts on the inside that tank. Right? Right. But then you can get one piece toilets, you can get two piece toilets. So typically I can tell you that we are installing toilets that, let’s say you buy it, you found it comes to your house. We’re not picking it up to 75 to 400 depending on the toilet, but it’s a one piece or a two piece. Are we putting it together? We’re not putting it together. Is it on the second story? Is it not on the second story? Typically second story, especially when these toilets are super heavy, so it takes four hands so we don’t break the ones back. Then you’re talking about installing them. I’m talking about installing a line. Okay. Now if we buy them, install them, they can range from on the low end 600 on the high end to grant or you get the really sophisticated toilet with a bad day and you’re going to eight gram.

Right, right.

What about, what about repairing the inside or repairing the right, I mean cause a tool. It would you agree they can easily last over a hundred years or so unless the porcelain just itself gets cracked or messed up. That’s right. I agree. You know the, the biggest thing is the parts on the inside, and I think the Richard hit something, a nail on the head was that we’re going to talk about kind of the, the, the inbetween. So we’ll have 10% of our people that get these really high end 10% that get these low end, 80% of our people are right in the middle. Right. So when we’re talking about these repairs, we’re going to talk about that 80% percentile. And we’re talking about the basic commodes that are that mid range that get put in and when we’re talking, yeah, the midrange toilet one 80 to 500 is the or cost on the toilet costs, correct. That’s right. Our cost. Yeah. It’s NCO on us to buy it. Of course we can’t give it to you at cost. We’ve got to go get it. We got to do this, we’ve got to do that. There was a lot more into it, right? Yeah. It makes the cost go up, you go get it. You have it at the house. It’s cheaper and do a little work cheaper in the last year forever though. Just like we were saying earlier now the repair on those right now that we’re talking about, the insides are mostly plastic rubber pieces. Yeah. Right. And there’s a couple of moving things and flaps and change. Well, every single part in the toilet tank is, is made of one of those things. Middle Plastic or rubber, but all level are susceptible to erosion and corrosion from the water that’s constantly a on top of them. They’re submerged in it and all of them are replaceable. All those parts are replaceable and they are getting hammered. Oh yeah. Every day. Absolutely.

Water is the most corrosive element to a toilet.

Oh yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I would argue to say it’s probably one of the more corrosive things that your entire plumbing system, right? Honestly, yeah, yeah. Besides kids. Yeah. But these are definitely things that are, you know, you set it and forget it and you, that they need attention because at some point those parts are going to wear out and they’re going to need to be replaced. That’s right. But when we’re replacing all these guts, you know, parts and labor to repair commode, you’re talking yeah. In and around 300 bucks. Right? It might be a little bit more, a little bit less depending on a couple of different things. But to give your toilet whole new inner workings, plastic pieces that we’re talking about, we’re not talking about one piece brass. That’s one of those 10 percenters. We’re talking about the 80% in the middle, right? Uh, you’re talking to 300 bucks in and around, maybe 350. Um,

but you know, that happens and you’ve got like a brand new toilet. Yeah, yeah. The next thing is what if it’s rocking? That’s a common one. That’s very common. So if it’s rock and what does that mean? Uh, normally you got to plan the flange issue, flange issue, right? So that’s going to make the cost go up. You guys. Yeah. If your toilet is rocking, there is a round piece underneath that toilet that it sets on that is bolted into, and a lot of times where it’s bolted into breaks. Yeah. And that’s a problem. It’s gotta be cutout and redone and that’s all going to be on what type of material is down there on the ground. Absolutely. On how you repair that. Sometimes we gotta weld, led to brass. Sometimes we can cut PVC and install a new, and sometimes we can’t. Sometimes we’ve got a jackhammer. Yeah. It just all depends. So those are our costs that you really can’t give somebody over the phone. Right? Right. We don’t know until we get there and pull that toilet, what’s going on with it and what’s going wrong. Right.

Yeah. Although it is a minor repair and those outlets are different. We do need to get some of vision that give you obviously an exact price, but you know what you don’t want is when that thing breaks and it breaks the seal from the floor and you’ve got water, sewage and all that coming out on your bathroom floor, there’s a number of things that can go wrong from grey water being there.

That’s right. What’s the number one insurance claim? Richard? Water. Water.

Water damage. And if you know, only have a broken flange, insurance finds out that you only had a broken plans ad. I could easily deny your claim, right? If you didn’t take care of it. So, and they will deny your claim if you don’t have a plumbing company fixing it, typically. Yeah, right. If they find out that, so find out somebody else did it and you hired a handyman, you did somebody else to fix that toilet. I have seen this countless times where a handyman is going on and has done something. Of course they’re not going to pay for it when it goes wrong. They don’t have any insurance. They don’t have any way to pay for it. But yet the homeowner’s real mad. I’m going to sue him. Oh, okay. We’ll see how that works out for you. But the insurance companies on top of that are denying the claims because you didn’t do the right thing. Your trades that are licensed Hvac, electrical and plumbing. You have to use a company that is licensed to do these jobs right? Or you are putting yourself under tremendous risk. And the number one water claim is water and a lot of it is from toilets.

Oh yeah, absolutely. A lot of it is in a lot of that comes from broken planes is right. I mean it’s just something that happens.

We had one of the other day that it’s leaking down over a breezeway and it’s in the guest bathroom upstairs. And who knows how long this has been leaking because it doesn’t, uh, nobody’s in that room. It’s a guest room. Oh, so I bet you there is some black look and stuff all up in that ceiling because it’s all in the insulation and everything that’s on the overhang. It’s going to be nasty when we go rip all that out of those things happen, man. I haven’t think about it, but yeah. Yeah. I mean that’s going to go five to 10 grand real quick. Yeah. So people, um, if they use some handy guy that set that toilet or whatever he did, and this is created from that, this homeowner is going to be paying five to 10 grand to fix it. Yeah. Just they’re not gonna make an insurance claim. Can’t insurance nowadays wants to subrogate against people like us, all of this, they want us to pay for it. So if we did something wrong in the past, no matter how long ago it is there, they come after us and sue us to get the money back. So, and that’s all behind the scenes stuff that people have no idea how much liability that we have around that stuff. Huh.

Well, our last task on our plumbing costs list is one of our more popular services lately. Right. This has been coming to hot item hydro jetting. Yeah. Ryan w when you think of hydro jetting, think of pressure washing the inside of your sewer drain pipes or your area drains. You know, it’s like putting a pressure pipe down or a pressure washer down there and really getting at it and we get quite a few calls. Yeah, yeah. Hey, what do you charge for hydro jetting? Yeah, and I think this is becoming more and more popular because this is actually the best thing that you can ever do for your kitchen piping. Oh, for your kitchen for sure. Oh yeah. Do it once every three years. Roughly four years. And it will keep your pipes clean. Get all of the waste out of there and the grease. That’s right. It cleans them like they’re brand new.

Yeah. As the, as the pipes age, the coating on the inside breaks down, especially if it’s older, but then it causes grease soap and other containment. Containment, containment, say it. Contaminant. That’s it. We are in plumbing. I think that they understand the bad score. Okay. It takes the bad stuff that dry it causes it to cook. Here’s another word. Say it. I can’t say it today. [inaudible] you go causes it all to stick to that. I’m educated. An educated man, uh, causes it on a stick to the pipe, which when that happens, right when you got all this stuff, stick into the edges of the pipe was the drains in the do stop up right? Cause it’s not moving. It’s not freely flowing. So when you got stuff that you’re restricting that it just builds up, builds up, builds up and then, you know, we, we do have snake cleaners and, and um, stuff of that nature.

Hand snakes that clear the problem, but they do it temporarily by almost chewing through, you know, these things and they release a little punch holes in. Yeah. Yeah. But the clog normally always reforms depending on time and use. You know, how long those things last. But that’s what we’re talking about. Hydrojetting that high pressure water spraying the inside of that pipe gets it as close to near new condition as possible. Right, right. Normally it has a long real can go up to 300 foot or so I think ours was up to $500 goes up to 500. Yeah. And it’ll clean away decades of accumulated Greece and other methods that are sticking our hand. The gross stuff, not people actually thought it was in that kitchen sink line. Uh, I wonder if they, I wish they made that from like my, my veins in my heart. My don’t. Oh, that’s right. But we’re getting lots of calls on hydro jet. Yeah. It is popular these days. It is, it is very much gaining ground. So what are we looking at John, as far as cost, uh, to Hydrojack kitchen drains in large drains. It ranges, right? We have different equipment that we use, but it’s normally in between four 54 80, somewhere around there to 650 bucks. Yeah. Depending on what we’ve got to do. And then how long were out there and stuff of that nature.

Sure. Ours. That’s right. Yeah. Hours on equipment. Yeah. I’m trying, but it’s absolutely worth the money doing a heartbeat. Absolutely. Yeah. Everybody should do that in a heartbeat. Yep. Yeah. So this is the second part of our plumbing cost guide in Houston. We hope you guys got some good information out of this. Maybe keep be convinced that the job is not as expensive as you thought. Give us a call and ask the questions. Right. And we were answered them.

Absolutely. We’re always here for you. Every week we say it. If you have any questions, we want to provide you the answers, provide you the knowledge for you to make a good decision.

And I’m going to give you guys a tip. Make it a little bit easier when you have a question. If there is something specific you want to talk about and I’m going to give you an example. Something simple. Let’s say an outside hose bib and it’s dripping. Take a picture of it. Email it to us. Yeah, absolutely. We’ll tell you what it is. We’re going to give you an approximate cost. Yeah. Take a photo. Send that. Everybody’s got smartphones these days. Absolutely. At least I think they do. Well, thank you for watching. We’ll see you next week and we had y’all take care. See Ya.

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